Bins Recycling and Waste

When to put your bins out, what to do with your old fridge, how to report a problem, how to order a bin and more.

COVID-19 Household Recycling Centres Reopening Information

COVID-19 Household Recycling Centres Reopening Information

COVID 19 Coronavirus - Duty of Care for Waste Disposal

Flintshire County Council is warning residents to be vigilant when taking up offers from individuals posing as legitimate waste disposal businesses during the coronavirus outbreak

Check your bin day

Find out when your refuse and recycling is collected and download a calendar.

Garden Waste

Information about how to pay for the garden waste collection service, order additional brown bins and how the collection service runs.

Household Recycling Centres

Details of where the Household Recycling Centres are, when they're open and what you can recycle.

Request recycling / waste items

Request new, replacement or additional recycling or waste items.

No to the bin, yes to reuse!

Try the following and see what a difference you can make

Bulky item / furniture collection

Donate your unwanted household items or ask us to collect them (including domestic fridges and freezers).

What can and cannot be recycled

What can and cannot be recycled

Side Waste Enforcement

The Council's policy on side waste that is presented alongside a black wheeled bin.

Where we are now and why we need to do more

To meet Welsh Government's Statutory Recycling Targets we have moved from a weekly, back-door collection service to a modern, highly controlled service that focusses on reuse and recycling

What happens to your recycling?

Have you ever wondered what happens to your recycling once it's left your kerbside or you've dropped it off at the Household Recycling Centre?

Missed bin collection

Report a missed bin or a different collection problem.

Recycling centre vehicle permit

The Council uses a permit system to restrict the types of vehicles allowed to use Household Recycling Centres in Flintshire. Learn more about the permit and how to apply.

Assistance with Waste Collections

Apply for help if you are struggling to take bins/recycling to the kerb.

What To Put In Your Bin

Details of what can or cannot be put in each of your bins or containers.

Waste & recycling FAQs

Frequently asked questions e.g: Where do I place my bins? / Get rid of hazardous waste, asbestos or clinical waste?

Real Nappy Scheme

The Council encourages residents to use modern 'real' reusable nappies to save money and help the environment.

Eat Well and Waste Less

Even after bringing all our shopping home, we end up throwing away the very foods we should be eating the most of - fruit, veg and wholegrain carbs

Composting at Home

About a third of your waste can be composted at home, saving energy and resources and benefiting your garden and your pocket.