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A to Z

A to Z of services in Flintshire

  • Enhanced Retail Relief 2021/22

    Enhanced Retail Relief 2021/22

  • E-Magazine

    Your Council is the new online, interactive e-magazine from Flintshire County Council. It replaces the newspaper Your Community, Your Council.

  • EMagRedirect

    Flintshire E-Magazine Subscription

  • Elected Members

    Information relating to the Role of the Elected Members

  • Extreme Weather

    Protect yourself, your car and your household from the many hazards of winter weather, by thinking and planning ahead.

  • Environmental Health

    The Division aims to protect the environmental health of the people of Flintshire at work, at home and at leisure

  • Energy Saving

    Find information about support currently available to Flintshire residents to help reduce energy usage/ utility bills, including contact details for the Domestic Energy team, Corporate Energy Team and relevant support groups

  • Equality Impact Assessments

    We use the Equality Impact Assessment process to ensure that departments consider the effects on equality when making decisions.

  • Equality and Diversity

    Flintshire County Council is an equal opportunities employer and provider of services and welcomes applications from all members of the community.

  • Employment Support for Veterans

    We recognise that adjusting to civilian life after a career in the Armed Forces can be difficult. Here you will find lots of ways to make the transition easier.

  • Events & firework safety

    Advice and resources on staging an event safely.

  • Education Fixed Penalty Notices

    For unauthorised absence from school.

  • Extreme Weather

    Extreme Weather

  • Events List

    Flintshire Events

  • E-Notifications Registration

    E-Notifications are the new way to receive your Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction award letter. Instead of getting a traditional paper notification we will send your documents by e-mail.

  • Employing PAs

    Useful information on employing PAs with your Direct Payment in Flintshire

  • Explore Flora at Talacre

  • Education Benefits

    You can apply for and find information in relation to Uniform Grants and Free School Meals here. You can also find information about Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA), School Visits & Student Loans.

  • Early Entitlement Funding Scheme, Flintshire

    Early Entitlement Scheme, Flintshire

  • ECO-Flex: Grant Towards Domestic Energy Efficiency Improvements

    The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a grant scheme allowing energy efficiency improvements for customers in fuel poverty.

  • E-Invoicing

    Guidance, advice & support relating to the E-Invoicing system.

  • Elections and Electoral Registration

    Here you will find information about Elections and Electoral Registration

  • Equality and Diversity

    We are committed to the principles of fairness and equality both in service delivery and employment to ensure everyone can take a full active part in society.

  • E-Billing Registration

    E-billing is the new way to receive your bill. Instead of getting a traditional paper bill we will send your bill by e-mail.

  • Estyn Inspection Reports

    Estyn is led by Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Education and Training in Wales and inspects quality and standards.

  • Equipment to support independence

    Reablement, Telecare and aids and adaptations are examples of early intervention services that help prevent people from becoming unnecessarily dependent upon others and requiring more intensive support.

  • E-Procurement for Suppliers

    Guidance, advice & support relating to the new E-Procurement system.

  • Election Expenses

    Election expenses means the money that candidates and political parties spend on items and services during an election campaign.

  • Elections & Electoral Registration

    Here you will find information about Elections and Electoral Registration.

  • Events Form

  • Election Results

    Here you will find details on Election Results

  • Explosives licence

    A licence or registration is required to store explosives including fireworks kept for the purpose of sale

  • Environmental permit

    If you operate a regulated facility you must have an environmental permit

  • Employee Privacy Policy & Statement

    In order to comply with its contractual, statutory, and management obligations and responsibilities, the Council is required to process personal data relating to its employees.

  • Extra Care Housing

    Learn more about Flintshire County Council's extra care housing schemes

  • Employers Home Page

    Employers Home Page

  • Emergency Planning

    Emergency Planning