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Equality and Diversity

We are committed to the principles of fairness and equality both in service delivery and employment to ensure everyone can take a full active part in society.

Census Results 2021

The most recent census, which is conducted every ten years by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), was on 21 March 2021 for England and Wales.

Diversity and Equality

We want to create a community for all people, who live in, work in and visit Flintshire in which difference is valued and harassment and discrimination is not tolerated.

Equality Impact Assessments

We use the Equality Impact Assessment process to ensure that departments consider the effects on equality when making decisions.


Safeguarding includes everything a Council can do to keep people safe, including minimising the risk of harm and accidents, taking action to tackle safety concerns and ensuring people grow up and live in safe circumstances.

Strategic Equality Plan

This plan sets out our equality objectives and action plans for making Flintshire a fairer place where people can achieve their potential, thrive and prosper.