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A to Z of services in Flintshire

  • Parc Adfer Community Benefit Fund

    As part of their commitment to the local community, the North Wales Residual Waste Treatment Project (NWRWTP) partner authorities and Parc Adfer's operators, Enfinium, have pledged to fund a Community Benefit Fund

  • Parents Voice and Volunteering

    Find out how to get involved and have your say, or volunteer with us.

  • Parking - view all car parks

    Pay and display prices and restrictions, map showing location of all car parks

  • Parking Fines

    Pay a Flintshire Parking Fine online using our secure payment gateway.

  • Parking Fines & Enforcement

    If you do not keep to the rules, you may find a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) - on your windscreen when you return to your vehicle

  • Parks and countryside

    Discover the beautiful Flintshire that's on your doorstep

  • Pay for it

    Using our secure online payment portal, you can make payments for wide range of Council services and bills with a debit or credit card.

  • Pay Policy

    This Pay Policy statement sets out the Councils Pay Policy in accordance with the requirements of 38 (1) of the Localism Act 2011.

  • Penyffordd Assets

    The list of assets for Penyffordd

  • Performance and Risk

    Find out about our performance and view our reports, including the Annual Performance Report, the Council Plan, and the Corporate Self-assessment.

  • Period Dignity

    Sustainable period products for school aged girls

  • Permitted Development Rights

    Find out if you need planning permission and what else you should consider

  • Personal Assistants

    Information on what being a PA entails. A Personal Assistant can be employed using Direct Payment funds to help support and enable citizens.

  • Personal Assistants Home Page

    Personal Assistants Home Page

  • Pest Control

    Report a problem with rats, mice, wasps etc.

  • Pest Control

    A household pest control service is available to deal with pests considered to be a risk to public health or food safety

  • Pet shop license

    To run a business selling pet animals you need a licence from the local authority. This includes all commercial selling of pet animals

  • Petroleum licence

    To store and dispense petrol directly into the fuel tank of an internal combustion engine, you need a licence

  • Phase 1 Settlement Scheme - Buckley - 28 February 2022

    Phase 1 Settlement Scheme - Buckley - 28 February 2022

  • Place Making in Flintshire

    Welsh Government requires each local authority across Wales to develop 'Place Making Plans' to set out how they will identify, plan and deliver Place Making in each of their town centres. This involves putting the future needs of town centres at the heart of policies; decision making and local action.

  • Planning - guidance for business

    Advice on the need for permission, how to apply and guidance to consider

  • Planning Annual Performance Report

    Flintshire County Council

  • Planning decisions & Committee

    View decisions or obtain copies, how we make decisions, types of decision and what happens afterwards

  • Planning Enforcement

    When we can take action, what we can or cannot do and how to report a suspected breach or appeal an enforcement notice

  • Planning Permission Advice

    Find out if you need planning permission and what else you should consider

  • Planning Policy

    View the adopted Flintshire Local Development Plan

  • Planning Register

    Search the Flintshire County Council Planning Register

  • Plant Fair Holywell

  • Play Development

    Welcome to Flintshire Play Development, where we believe in the magic of play as a transformative force in the lives of children and young people. Our mission is to create spaces and opportunities that empower them to thrive, learn, and grow through the power of play.

  • Play Sufficiency

    Flintshire County Council are committed to ensuring that all children, young people and communities children have access to enough time, space and permission for play as part of their everyday lives. We recognise our responsibility to ensure that children living in Flintshire have a right to play.

  • Play Sufficiency

    Play Sufficiency in Wales is a comprehensive and ongoing initiative that aims to ensure that children across Wales have access to high-quality play opportunities that contribute to their overall well-being and development.

  • Play Wales

    Play Wales is a national organisation based in Wales, that is dedicated to promoting and advocating for children's play and playwork.

  • Playwork Projects

    Playwork projects are initiatives that focus on creating and providing enriching play experiences for children and young people. These projects are designed to promote the fundamental importance of play in children's lives and emphasise the value of self-directed, child-led play.

  • Poisons licence

    Retailers are required to have their premises listed with the local authority if they intend to sell certain poisons

  • Police and Crime Commissioner Election - Thursday 2 May 2024

    The election of the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for North Wales will take place on Thursday 2 May.

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    Popular pages

  • Potholes, pavement & road defects

    Report a problem on the highway (including the footpath) e.g. potholes or other defects

  • Potholes, Pavement and Road Defects

    Online report form - Potholes, Pavement and Road Defects

  • Pram - Toddler Walks

    Regular walking leads to improved physical and psychological wellbeing and also provides an opportunity to meet new people.

  • Pre-application Planning Advice

    Informal advice to help plan and shape development proposals, identify relevant considerations and advise if schemes are likely or not to get planning permission.

  • Pre-Employment Checks

    If you apply for a position at Flintshire County Council we will conduct appropriate reference and/or background checks on you, and any offer of employment we make will be conditional upon obtaining satisfactory results.

  • Preferred Strategy (Pre-Deposit Public Consultation)

    View the broad approach that the LDP intends to take in order to ensure that development in the County takes place in a sustainable way.

  • Pre-Loved Uniform

    Help reduce the cost of schooling in Flintshire by donating your unwanted or unused school uniform.

  • Premises licence – alcohol and entertainment

    To provide late-night refreshments, regulated entertainment, and sell alcohol, you need a licence

  • Privacy Notice

    What to expect when the Council collects personal information.

  • Privacy Notice

    What to expect when the Council collects personal information

  • Privacy Notice

    What to expect when the Council collects personal information

  • Privacy Notice

    Privacy Notice - Registration Service

  • Privacy Notice – Non Domestic Rates

    Privacy Notice – Non Domestic Rates

  • Privacy Notice Electoral Registration Officer / Returning Officer

    Privacy Notice Electoral Registration Officer / Returning Officer

  • Privacy Notice for the Contact Centre

    How we use your personal information for Contact Centre purposes

  • Private water supplies in Flintshire

    Monitoring of public and private water supplies takes place to ensure that drinking water in the County poses no risk to health.

  • Problems paying your Invoice

    Details on what to do if you are struggling to make payments

  • Procurement


  • Progress for Providers

    A key principle of social care legislation in Wales is that people should be supported to improve their well-being

  • Public Green Space Survey

    We are running a public greenspace survey to gain insight into use and views on local green spaces.

  • Public health burials

    Assistance is available for the burial/cremation of deceased persons when no other suitable arrangements can be made.

  • Public Question Time

    Here you can find out how to put questions to the Leader of the Council and Cabinet Members.

  • Public rights of way

    View the public rights of way network, report a problem and find answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Public Rights of Way Section 53B Register

    Public Rights of Way Section 53B Register

  • Public Services Ombudsman Wales

    Here you will find Public Notices pursuant to Section 17(3) of the Public Services Ombudsman (Wales) Act 2005.

  • Public toilets

    Report a problem or request a RADAR key

  • Publication Scheme

    This model publication scheme has been prepared and approved by the Information Commissioner. It may be adopted without modification by any public authority without further approval and will be valid until further notice.