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Pre-Loved Uniform

Do you have unwanted or unused school uniform?

Help reduce the cost of schooling in Flintshire by donating your unwanted or unused school uniform.  

Whether it’s the start of the school year or part way through, buying uniform can be costly.

The Pre Loved School Uniform program aims to encourage the people of Flintshire to recycle and donate unwanted or unused school uniform items, rather than putting them in the bin. All donated school uniform will be available for sale in various locations around Flintshire.

All school uniform items are accepted, including those items with school logos. Where possible, we request that items are washed before being donated.

If you have any preloved uniform, please donate!

Please check out the local schools and businesses making a difference by offering Pre Loved uniform items.

Where can I collect?

For information on your schools availability of pre loved school uniform please visit their website. 

Where can I purchase preloved school uniforms?

Please contact your local school for information on purchasing pre loved uniform from them.

Other locations are available, please see the list below.

  • Nanny Biscuit
  • Rivertown Church, Shotton.
    Open Monday and Wednesday, 9.30am -12.30pm.
  • Connah’s Quay Cricket Club, Connah’s Quay.
    Open Monday to Friday, 9.30am – 12.30pm.
  • Quaystone Chapel, Connah’s Quay.
    Open Monday, Thursday and Friday, 9.30am – 12.30pm.