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Play Wales

Play Wales is a national organisation based in Wales, that is dedicated to promoting and advocating for children's play and playwork.

Established in 1998, Play Wales focuses on raising awareness about the importance of play in children's lives, supporting the play sector, and working to ensure that children have access to quality play opportunities.

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Here's an overview of Play Wales:

Mission and Objectives

Play Wales aims to promote children's right to play and to support the play sector by:

Advocacy: Play Wales advocates for play as a fundamental right for all children and young people.

Education and Information: Play Wales provides information, resources, and training to individuals and organisations involved in children's play and playwork.

Policy Influence: Play Wales works to influence policy and decision-making at various levels, from local to national, to prioritise and support play opportunities.

Research and Development: Play Wales engages in research and development projects to better understand the impact of play on children's well-being and development.

Supporting Playworkers: Play Wales supports those who work in the play sector, including playworkers and play providers, by offering training, guidance, and networking opportunities.

Key Principles and Approaches

Play Wales operates based on the following principles and approaches:

Play Sufficiency: Play Wales advocates for the implementation of a "play sufficiency" approach, ensuring that children have ample time, space, and opportunities for play.

Child-Centered: Play Wales prioritises children's voices, opinions, and autonomy in decisions related to play.

Inclusivity: Play Wales works to ensure that play opportunities are accessible and inclusive for all children, regardless of their background or abilities.

Advocacy: Play Wales actively campaigns for the recognition of play as a crucial part of children's lives.

Training and Resources: Play Wales provides resources, training, and guidance to support those who work with children, including playworkers, educators, parents, and policymakers.

Achievements and Initiatives

Over the years, Play Wales has been involved in numerous initiatives and campaigns to promote children's play. Some of their notable achievements include:

Producing Resources: Play Wales has created a range of resources, including publications, toolkits, and research reports, to support the understanding and promotion of play.

Training and Workshops: Play Wales offers training courses and workshops on playwork, risk assessment, and creating play-friendly environments.

Playday: Play Wales is involved in organising Playday, an annual event that celebrates the importance of play and provides opportunities for children to engage in playful activities.

Policy Influence: Play Wales has been influential in advocating for play in policy documents and legislation, both at the national and local levels.

Collaboration: Play Wales collaborates with various organisations, governments, and communities to advocate for children's play and to create supportive play environments.