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Welcome to Flintshire Play Development, where we believe in the magic of play as a transformative force in the lives of children and young people. Our mission is to create spaces and opportunities that empower them to thrive, learn, and grow through the power of play. Let us take you on a journey to understand who we are and the remarkable work we do.

Our Priorities:

Flintshire Play Development is a passionate team of advocates, educators, and play enthusiasts committed to championing the rights of children and young people. We recognise that play is not only essential for happiness but also an intrinsic part of holistic development. Through play, children explore, learn, and develop vital skills that shape their futures.

Empowering Through Play

At the heart of our efforts is the belief that every child deserves the right to play. We work tirelessly to create safe, inclusive, and imaginative spaces where children can engage in unstructured and creative play. By fostering environments where play thrives, we're nurturing resilience, creativity, and social skills that go beyond childhood.

Our Services

From organising Playschemes, play workshops and community events to collaborating with schools, Town and Community Councils and local organisations, our services are diverse and impactful. We provide training and resources to educators, parents, and caregivers, ensuring that they understand the profound benefits of play in child development.

Advocates for Children's Rights

We are not just promoters of play; we are advocates for children's rights. Our dedication to upholding the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is unwavering. Through our initiatives, we aim to amplify the voices of children and young people, ensuring their rights are respected and upheld.

Welsh Language and Cultural Heritage

As proud supporters of the Welsh language and cultural heritage, we infuse our activities with the richness of our local identity. Through play, we celebrate our language and traditions, creating a sense of belonging and pride among the young people we serve.

A Collaborative Approach

We understand that creating impactful change requires a collaborative effort. That's why we work closely with schools, Town and Community Councils, communities, and partner organisations to ensure our initiatives are far-reaching and sustainable.

The Future Beckons

As we look to the future, our excitement knows no bounds. We are committed to expanding our reach, refining our programs, and creating an even more inclusive and vibrant play culture within Flintshire and beyond.

Join Us in Nurturing Potential:

Flintshire Play Development is more than an initiative; it's a movement that celebrates childhood, empowers youth, and champions the rights of every child to play. Join us in this journey of growth, exploration, and endless possibilities.

With playfulness and purpose,

The Flintshire Play Development Team

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15389 kids attended play projects in 2023/24!

International Day of Play

The first International Day of Play will take place on 11 June.


Play development refers to the intentional and holistic approach of fostering a child's growth, learning, and well-being through various forms of play. It recognises the vital role that play plays in children's physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development.

Playwork Projects

Playwork projects are initiatives that focus on creating and providing enriching play experiences for children and young people. These projects are designed to promote the fundamental importance of play in children's lives and emphasise the value of self-directed, child-led play.

Buddy Scheme / Inclusive Play

Creating Inclusive Play Opportunities: Enriching Lives Through the Buddy Scheme. At Flintshire Play Development, our commitment to inclusive play and empowering children and young people is at the heart of everything we do.

Play Wales

Play Wales is a national organisation based in Wales, that is dedicated to promoting and advocating for children's play and playwork.

National Playday

National Playday is an annual event celebrated in the United Kingdom to highlight the importance of play in children's lives and to advocate for children's right to play.

Play Sufficiency

Play Sufficiency in Wales is a comprehensive and ongoing initiative that aims to ensure that children across Wales have access to high-quality play opportunities that contribute to their overall well-being and development.