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Pre-application Planning Advice

Please note that we cannot process paper applications please submit via the portal or the e-mail inboxes below.

If you have a query please try and submit this via email directly to the officer. If you do not know the officer’s email address please use the following address:

  • For planning matters email
  • For building regulations email
  • For highway development email

Benefits of using our pre-application planning advice service.

Providing constructive informal advice to help shape and progress development proposals is an important part of our service.  It can help shape schemes positively before too much time and money has been invested.  It can also help us to identify at an early stage schemes that our planning officers do not believe are likely to get planning permission.  In offering a pre-application advice service, we want to:-

  • Identify adopted/emerging policies that are relevant to development proposals.
  • Identify relevant planning guidance and other considerations.
  • Identify external consultees, groups and residents with whom you might need to engage.
  • Confirm documents and information which will be needed in a submission.
  • Provide an indication of likely financial contributions (if any) which will be sought.
  • Provide, where possible, an indication of whether officers think the proposal is likely to get a favourable recommendation in the light of policies and other material considerations.
  • Where a scheme is not considered acceptable, provide guidance on what needs to be done to address concerns.
  • Give an indication of means of determination and likely timescales.

From 1st July, 2015 there will be a charge for providing pre-application advice.  

Full Guidance on Pre-Application Planning Advice

Form for Pre-Application Planning Advice

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