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Comment on an application of interest, make your own application / appeal or view development plans for your community


The Development Management, Planning Policy, Highways Development Control and Building Control Services will all be working remotely for the foreseeable future. This will have some impact on service delivery.

Newly submitted applications of any kind will experience a delay in registration.

This is likely to be up to 3 weeks or more.

Please note that we cannot process paper applications please submit via the portal or the e-mail inboxes below.

All services will endeavour to progress existing work.

If you have a query please try and submit this via email directly to the officer. If you do not know the officer’s email address please use the following address: For planning matters email, for Policy matters email, for building regulations email and for highway development email 


Application Search

Click the link above to start a search for planning applications.

LDP Examination

This page contains links to key information about the preparation for and operation of the Examination of the LDP and will be updated as and when necessary.



Consultation on the Deposit LDP

The consultation will give you the opportunity to view the plan and make representations.

Sustainable Drainage Systems

Significant change to drainage requirements will impact new developments from January 2019

Preferred Strategy (Pre-Deposit Public Consultation)

View the broad approach that the LDP intends to take in order to ensure that development in the County takes place in a sustainable way.

Planning Annual Performance Report

Flintshire County Council

Adopted Supplementary Planning Guidance Notes and Consultations

All development proposals will take account of Supplementary Planning Guidance where relevant

Pre-application Planning Advice

Informal advice to help plan and shape development proposals, identify relevant considerations and advise if schemes are likely or not to get planning permission.

Planning permission - apply for

Apply online, download forms, view fees and advice on what to include.

View and comment on planning applications

View plans, documents, decisions and make your comments online

Enforcement (unauthorised development)

When we can take action, what we can or cannot do and how to report a suspected breach or appeal an enforcement notice

Planning decisions & Committee

View decisions or obtain copies, how we make decisions, types of decision and what happens afterwards

Planning Permission – advice for householders

Find out if you need planning permission and what else you should consider

Development plans & policies

View the Flintshire Unitary Development Plan and other planning policies

Local Development Plan - Flintshire

View the Flintshire Local Development Plan which is currently being prepared

Listed buildings

Development that affects a listed building may require approval

Conservation areas

Conservation area locations and restrictions that apply

Tree conservation and preservation

What tree preservation orders mean and how to apply for consent.

Lawful development certificates

Establish whether an existing/proposed use or development is lawful

Candidate Sites Register

View the register of submitted Candidate Sites

Planning Application Appeals

How to appeal if you don't agree with a planning or enforcement decision.

High hedge complaints

Advice on resolving high hedge disputes and making a complaint.

Land and Property Searches (Conveyancing)

Land charges - Including planning permissions, tree preservation orders, grants, conservation areas and enforcement notices

LDP topic papers

18 summary Topic Papers on a range of issues and topics.