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Planning Application Appeals

Planning application appeals - advice

Further information including advice and guidance about planning appeals can be found on the Planning Inspectorate website, this information includes advice on whether to appeal, how to make your appeal, who will be involved and how long it will take.  You are advised to read this information before making your appeal.

Appeals can be made against a refusal of permission or a condition attached to a permission.  Only the applicant can lodge an appeal.  This must be submitted within 6 months of the decision notice being issued.

Appeals can be costly and time consuming for both the Council and the applicant.  Flintshire County Council, therefore, actively encourages applicants to discuss the Council's decision with planning officers before making an appeal, to see whether an amended application could overcome the Council's objections (even when an appeal has already been lodged). This approach is also supported by the Inspectorate who see planning appeals as a last resort.

If you wish to discuss the appeal procedure or whether there is any opportunity to overcome the objection, (e.g. by the submission of a revised proposal) then contact Development Control or the Case Officer who dealt with the application, whose name and telephone number is given on the acknowledgement of receipt of your application.

Enforcement appeals - advice
Information on how to make an appeal against an enforcement notice and information on how interested parties can take part in Enforcement Appeals is available on the Planning Inspectorate website. 

Details of this process will accompany the notice at the time of service.  If an appeal is made, the terms of any notice are held in abeyance until such a time as a decision is issued. There is no right of appeal in respect of Breach of Condition Notices.