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Listed buildings

Heritage Building Repair Grant

The Council recognises that the maintenance and repair of listed and other heritage buildings can place a significant burden on owners, particularly in terms of the cost of repairs.

In order to try to provide some encouragement and assistance for owners to take their responsibilities seriously in keeping such buildings in a positive conservation condition, the Council has developed a building repair grant scheme that will run for this and the next financial year in a pilot form. Its benefits will then be evaluated for the potential for future years funding.

The aim is to provide modest support for the costs of essential maintenance and repair, where the central principles behind this are firstly to encourage owners to understand their buildings in terms of their design, structure, and condition, to carry out regular and appropriate maintenance, and where repairs are required, these should be the minimum necessary to stabilise and conserve the building both for its long-term survival and to meet the needs of continuing use.

The Council has prepared a brief guidance note that elaborates on the central principle of repair, and sets out the type of approach that the Council is looking for in terms of its ability to potentially support grant applications.

Guidance for Applicants

The Council has prepared a further guidance note for potential applicants that sets out who can apply for a grant, what types of heritage buildings are eligible, what works are covered, and the amount of grant available. Depending on the type of heritage building, grants will be payable for up to half of eligible costs, up to a maximum of between £2,500 and £10,000.

How to Apply

Potential applicants should first review the two guidance notes attached above, and should also consider having an informal discussion with the Built Conservation Team to outline the nature of the repair that they are considering applying for, and to get an in principle view in response, as well as advice on supporting information required with an application.

The Built Conservation Team are presently still working from home due to the ongoing situation with Covid and the best means of contact is by email to the following address

Applicants should complete the Building Repair Grant application form and return it (preferable by email) to the Built Conservation Team, at the above address.


Works to listed buildings - do I need permission?

A listed building has more stringent planning protection than an ordinary building, as a result permission is often needed before undertaking works. You will need to apply for listed building consent if either of the following cases apply.

  • You want to demolish a listed building.
  • You want to alter or extend a listed building in a manner which would affect its character as a building of special architectural or historic interest.

The guidance note below provides further information about how listed buildings are chosen, what type of work you need permission for and how an application for consent is processed.

Local Planning Guidance Note 6 – Listed Buildings

Starting work on a listed building without obtaining approval from the LPA is a criminal offence and you could be fined, made to redo the work, prosecuted or even jailed.

Pre-application Listed Building / Pre-purchase Listed Building Advice

From 1st September, 2021 there will be a charge for providing pre-application listed building/pre-purchase listed building advice. From this date any requests for advice must be submitted on a standard form.

Newly submitted applications for the above services may experience a delay in registration.  Please note that we cannot process paper applications please submit via the e-mail inbox to .

Applying for consent

Information on applying online, downloading application forms, and what to include in your application can be found on our Apply for permission web page. No fees are required for a listed building consent application.

How do I find out if a building is listed?

In Flintshire there are 1032 listed buildings, of these, 27 are Grade I, 79 Grade II* and the rest Grade II. You can find out if a building is listed by contacting the Built Conservation Section. Phone 07770 211401 or email

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