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Current estimates by Welsh Government show that 60% - 81% of Public Sector organisations’ operating budgets are spent with Suppliers and Contractors. Due to this, the Goods, Services and Works provided by our Suppliers and Contractors emits a significant percentage of the carbon we generate.

This makes decarbonisation within the Council’s commissioning, procurement and contract management processes a key player in influencing and reducing our emissions. 

These are some of the ongoing works and projects we have completed:

  • The Council has a strong methodology established through our own TOMs (Themes, Outcomes & Measures) framework which uses social, economic and environmental factors within procurement operations.
  • Joint procurement service with Denbighshire County Council which allows collaboration to maximise cost and efficiency savings.
  • Review of Joint Social Value Procurement Strategy to provide consistency and ensure social, economic and environmental factors are not compromised.

These are areas we feel need improvement:-

  • Increase the utilisation of the TOMs framework in procurement across the Council’s operations – work with staff to improve awareness and the importance of the social value framework in achieving our aims.
  • Ensure contracts from our procurement exercises are awarded giving appropriate consideration to carbon reduction priorities by placing an element of environmental award ‘weighting’ within each exercise that is relevant and proportionate to the goods, services or works being procured.
  • Improve our contract management processes - actively monitor, manage, and report the performance of our supply chain decarbonisation activities.
  • Align social value/community benefits policies – align these policies and ways of working, whilst continuing to support Welsh Government policy objectives, in progressive procurement, foundational and circular economy and decarbonisation.
  • Improve stakeholder involvement - work with local businesses to support innovative and sustainable solutions ensuring social value outcomes are achieved.
  • Work in collaboration across the region – where similar goods and services are being procured, investigate collaborative procurement opportunities with other Councils across the region.

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