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Current estimates by Welsh Government show that 60% - 81% of Public Sector organisations’ operating budgets are spent with Suppliers and Contractors. Due to this, the Goods, Services and Works provided by our Suppliers and Contractors emits a significant percentage of the carbon we generate.

This makes decarbonisation within the Council’s commissioning, procurement and contract management processes a key player in influencing and reducing our emissions. 

These are some of the ongoing works and projects we have completed:

  • The Council has a strong methodology established through our own TOMs (Themes, Outcomes & Measures) framework which uses social, economic and environmental factors within procurement operations.
  • Joint procurement service with Denbighshire County Council which allows collaboration to maximise cost and efficiency savings.
  • Review of Joint Social Value Procurement Strategy to provide consistency and ensure social, economic and environmental factors are not compromised.

Future actions:

We will:

  • Review of procurement strategy in line with the Council’s carbon ambitions to ensure specific measures around carbon and biodiversity are embedded in procurement process.
  • Ensure carbon reduction is appropriately considered throughout Council procurement policy, strategy, business cases, commissioning templates, tender evaluations, etc.
  • Increase the utilisation of the TOMs (Themes, Outcomes and Measures) framework in procurement across the Council’s operations by working with employees who manage procurement activities
  • Work collaboratively with Denbighshire County Council to develop a toolkit to ensure all procurement exercises are awarded giving appropriate consideration to carbon reduction priorities and provide communication and training to all affected employees and suppliers
  • Enable best practice for carbon offsetting schemes providing local place-based environmental outcomes, where required
  • Support the local economy where possible
  • Work in collaboration where procurement of goods and services can be utilised on a regional or joint basis