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Public Question Time

At the commencement of each ordinary meeting of the Council there is an opportunity for people who live, work or study in the County of Flintshire to attend and put questions to the Leader of the Council and Cabinet Members.

Public Question Time will begin at that start of the meeting and will last for 30 minutes.

Questions are restricted to matters relating to Flintshire and/or the services provided by the Council.

A person may only submit one question for consideration at any Public Question Time, but one supplementary question will be allowed in each case.

Questions will not be accepted which relate to:-

  • Judicial or quasi-judicial matters;
  • Matters under investigation
  • Individual planning, license or grant applications or appeals;
  • Named officer or member of the Council;
  • Confidential or exempt information as described in the Access to information Procedure Rules or requires its disclosure
  • Party political matters;
  • Defamatory material
  • Substantially the same issue as a question put within the past 6 months. Questions will not be accepted from Member and Employees of the Council

Questions must be submitted in writing and received no later than 12 noon on the seventh day before Question Time to both: