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Census Results 2021

The most recent census, which is conducted every ten years by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), was on 21 March 2021 for England and Wales.

The census collects information about the population and helps us to understand the nation and how we live. Information from the census help with decisions about how funding and resources are used for public services, such as education, social services and roads.

The first results from the Census 2021 were published on 28 June 2022, and include estimates of the number of people and households in England and Wales. They show the number of people by sex and age at local authority level.

In Flintshire, on Census day 2021:

  • The total population of the county was estimated at 155,000 (an increase from 152,500 in 2011)
  • Those people live in a total of 66,900 dwellings
  • In 2021, Flintshire ranked seventh for total population out of 22 local authority areas in Wales, which is a fall of one place in a decade.
  • Flintshire has the largest population in North Wales
  • Flintshire is the 11th most densely populated of Wales' 22 local authority areas.
  • There has been a decrease of 3.0% in people aged 15 to 64 years.
  • There has been a decrease of 4.2% in children aged under 15 years.
  • The proportion of people aged 65+ years in the county has increased to 21.4% (33,200 people) compared to 17.6% (26,836 people) in 2011.  

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