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More information about recycling.

Each property should use the following receptacles:

  • Black bin only for non-recyclable waste

You can have as many recycling receptacles as you need, and these are:

  • Blue box - glass bottles and jars
  • Silver bag - cans and tins, plastic bottles and tubs, waxed cartons
  • Blue bag - cardboard, paper, newspapers, envelopes
  • Smaller grey food waste caddy for collecting and storing food waste indoor
  • Larger green food waste caddy (outdoor caddy), for kerbside collection
  • Food Waste compostable caddy liner
    • You must use the compostable liners supplied which are specifically designed for your small food waste caddies; please do not use plastic bags or other non – compostable bags or biobags.
    • Once your grey caddy liner is full, please remove it, tie the bag securely, and put it inside the larger green caddy, which you will then place at the kerbside for collection. This caddy is equipped with a lockable handle, and it’s essential to use this handle and secure the container to prevent attracting rats. If you run out of bags, you can tie one to the handle on the collection day, and our teams will provide the next set for you.
  • Household batteries can also be collected, just place these out with your weekly recycling in a clear bag or recyclable tub or container which is clearly visible to the collection crew.

The following containers are available upon request:

If at any point in the future you need any recycling receptacles or need compostable liners, please apply online or visit your local council Connects office or nearest Household Recycling Centre to collect.

For more information on managing your waste and recycling please visit

Please note contaminated recycling waste will not be collected. Information about what can and cannot be recycled can be found on

A reminder of what is classified as side waste

Black bin lid needs to be fully closed. Side waste is waste that is presented at the kerbside and is exceeding volume of the bin or is not contained in the correct container provided. Examples:

  • Additional sacks placed at the side on the black bin.
  • Additional sacks placed on top of the bin where the sack does not ft below the top of the bin.
  • Waste exceeding volume of the bin and the lid is being opened as a result of that.
  • Properties with a second black bin. Although presented in the correct container, each property is only entitled to one black bin.

Recycling Leaflet

Download the recycling leaflet below.