Garden Waste Collection Service

*Update 2 June 2020 *

Garden Waste Collection Service to Resume from Monday, 8th June 

Click here to subscribe for the 2020 garden waste collection service

Flintshire County Council is pleased to announce that the garden waste collection service will resume on Monday 8 June 2020 back to fortnightly collections on the normal collection date. 

Garden waste is usually collected on the same day as recycling and food waste and alternate weeks to black bin collections.  Please check your calendar or our website ( for your collection day.  

We ask that: 

  • your yellow tag is attached to your brown bin; 
  • your brown bin is out by 7.00 a.m. on your scheduled collection day; 
  • your brown bin only contains garden waste;
  • no side waste is left out;
  • you clean the handles of your bin before and after collection;
  • you wash your hands before and after touching your bin. 

If you have already paid and subscribed for the 2020 collection service, but have not yet received your yellow tag, please attach your payment reference to your brown bin. 

he subscription rate for the remainder of the year is £24.00 for on-line payments or £27.00 if the payment is made through the Contact Centre 01352 701234.

Residents who had subscribed for the 2020 service prior to its suspension will be offered a £8 reduction in their subscription charge for 2021 in recognition of the withdrawal of collections between March and June. Please appreciate that our Contact Centre is extremely busy at the moment, for example in supporting vulnerable people who are shielding, and that we are not in a position to process requests for an £8 refund for this year. 

More information on charges for the 2021 collection service will be released later this year. 

Collection Charges

Subscribe and pay

  • Online payments  = £24 per bin - click here to subscribe
  • Offline payments  = £27 per bin - tel. our contact centre 01352 701234 

What happens next?

We will send you:

  • your unique identification yellow tag to attach to your brown bin(s), and
  • yellow tags for any additional bins (if you have paid for additional bins)

Please leave you bin out for collection on your next usual garden waste collection day after you have paid your subscription and you have received your payment reference number.

If you have not received your yellow tag please clearly display your payment reference number on your brown bin.    

Will you collect garden waste from all households who leave a brown bin out?

We will collect brown bins from all households who have subscribed to and paid for the 2020 garden waste collection service.  

I can't fit all my garden waste in the brown bin, will you take side waste?

Unfortunately we are unable to collect brown bin side waste. The collection of side waste poses a health and safety risk for our employees when loading the vehicle.  

The steps that would be needed to minimise this risk would significantly reduce the volume of garden waste we would be able to collect and we don’t have the available resource to make multiple return trips.

Waste presented in the brown bin with the lid fully closed will be our priority for collection.
Please do not leave extra or fill your bin to overflowing, if you do we won’t be able to take it.

How can we help to keep the collection crews and ourselves safe?

You can help keep our collection crews safe by: 

  • cleaning the handles of your bin before and after it is put out for collection
  • washing your hands before and after touching your bin.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the law about charging to collect garden waste?

The Controlled Waste (England & Wales) Regulations 2012 set out the powers that Local Councils have to charge for the collection and disposal of certain wastes.  Paragraph 4 of Schedule 1 of these regulations sets out that a Council may charge for the collection (but not the disposal) of household garden waste. 

The Controlled Waste Regulations 1992, superseded by the new 2012 regulations, also set out that Councils may charge for garden waste collections.  In addition to this, the Environmental Protection Act 1990 sets out in Section 45 paragraph 3 that Councils “may recover a reasonable charge” for collection of household waste where regulations such as the Controlled Waste (England & Wales) Regulations exist.   

Don't I already pay for this service through my council tax?

No.  We do not have a legal duty to collect garden waste.  Councils do not have to provide householders with a free collection of their garden waste although they do have a legal duty to dispose of household waste free of charge.  The law gives Councils the discretion to make a reasonable charge for the collection of household garden waste in the same way that charges can be made for bulky waste collection. 

Additionally, not all properties in Flintshire need a garden waste collections service because some properties do not have a garden.  For this reason, it is also felt that introducing a charge is fair as the service will only be paid for by those households that choose to use it. 

How often is garden waste collected?

We collect garden waste every two weeks between March to December, on the same day that we collect your recycling and food waste.   

I do not want to pay for the garden waste service.  What should I do with my garden waste?

You can take your garden waste to one of our Household Recycling Centres.  Alternatively, you could compost at home.  Garden waste should not be placed in your black bin for disposal, this is for non recyclable waste only.  We no longer accept side waste and if this is presented residents may be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice.  

I will only need to put a brown bin out occasionally.  Can I pay for a part year of collections?

No.  If you join part way through the year or only need a collection a few times a year, the charge will still remain the same. 

Can I pay the fee in instalments?

No.  We can only take the charge in one payment.  Payments can be made online (benefiting from the online rate), by visiting one of our Connect Centres or by calling 01352 701234.  

Can I purchase more than one brown bin?

Yes, more than one brown bin per household can be purchased up to a maximum of 3 bins.  You will be charged the annual subscription per bin / per year.  The cost of additional bins is £30 per bin.  

Where do I put the identification tag to show that I have paid?

Please affix the identification tag to the handle of the brown bin.  This allows the collection crew to make a quick check and ensure the stickers aren't damaged by the lifting equipment. 

The collection crews will not collect any garden waste bins without a sticker displayed.  

What happens if I move house?

If you move house during the period of your subscription, you can transfer this subscription to your new address if this is in Flintshire.  Please contact us to tell us that you have moved house so that we can update our records.

Refunds cannot be provided if you move out of Flintshire or if the service is not offered to your new property.  Furthermore a refund is not available if you move to a new property and require fewer bins than you have subscribed for at your previous address. 

Can I get a refund if I decide to cancel my subscription?

You have the right to cancel your subscription and obtain a full refund within 14 days of the day of purchase.  There will be no refunds after the 14 day cooling off period has expired.  

Do I get a refund if the Council fail to empty my brown bin?

No.  Genuine missed collections are rare.  If your bin hasn't been emptied it may be because it contains the wrong items or it's too heavy.  We cannot empty the bin if it is too heavy or overfilled or contains bags; the lid of the bin must always be closed. Heavy bins may cause injury to our crew or damage to the vehicle.  All bins should be out for collection by 7am on your collection day. 

If your bin has been presented correctly and the missed collection is our fault, then we will always make an effort to return to collect the bin within 24 hours of notification; however, this may not always be possible for operational reasons, such as breakdowns or adverse weather, and we then return as soon as is practically possible.  We reserve the right to cancel collections due to circumstances beyond our control, e.g. severe weather or road traffic accidents.  

Missed collections can be reported by completing our My Account. 

What if I subscribe and my brown bin or subscription tag is stolen?

Please check with your neighbours to make sure they have not taken the brown bin by mistake.  If not, then report it to us as soon as possible so we can investigate.

We encourage you to mark your brown bin with your house number or address to make your bin clearly identifiable.  It is the responsibility of the householder to ensure their brown bin/s are safely stored.  In the event of a missing bin, there will be a charge of £30 for a replacement (cost of the bin). 

What if my tag is damaged / missing?

It is your responsibility to take care of the tag on the bin and ensure your address remains clearly visible.  However if it is damaged/missing, please contact us and an officer will check your details on our system and, if necessary, make a site visit. 

What happens if I currently pay someone to cut my grass or attend to my garden?

If the garden waste materials are placed into your brown wheeled bin, then you would still need to subscribe to the kerbside collection service.  Alternatively, you can ask your gardener or the person who carries out the work for you to take the garden waste away and dispose of it responsibly – they may charge you to do so.  If you pay your gardener, they cannot take the waste to one of our household recycling centres as the waste will be classed as trade waste when they remove it from your property.

Remember, householders are required by law to check that anyone removing waste from their property is authorised to do so under “Duty of Care”.  Householders who do not take reasonable measures to check that operators are legitimate waste carriers could be liable to a fine.