Real Nappy Scheme

The average baby uses 5,000 nappies.  Disposable nappies cannot be recycled or reused and have to go to landfill, where they will stay for hundreds of years.  In Wales about 200 million nappies are thrown away each year.  Flintshire encourage residents to use modern ‘real’ reusable nappies to save money and help the environment. 

  • Modern reusable nappies are easy to use and come in a variety of shapes and styles with Velcro and popper fittings.  No more folding and safety pins!
  • Are comfortable and colourful!
  • They can save you money!  And can be used again for a second or third child.
  • They save space in your wheelie bin. No more disposables taking up room, and they reduce trips to the local civic amenity sites
  • Washing nappies is easy.  There’s no need to boil and soak, just wash at 60 degrees.  Nappy laundry services can collect soiled nappies and deliver freshly laundered ones direct to the door.

How can the council help?
If you live in Denbighshire or Flintshire and your child is aged between 0 and 18 months old, you may be entitled to vouchers worth up to £75 to be used in part-payment for either the purchase of real nappies or a Real Nappy Laundry Service. 

How can I apply?
You will need to complete the application form and provide a copy of the birth certificate as well as two recent utility bills or council tax notice.  We now accept the MAT B1 in place of the birth certificate for parents wishing to apply for vouchers before the baby is due. 

Where can I use the vouchers?
You will receive vouchers worth £25 each, for use when your baby is aged 0-3 months, 4-9 months and 10-18 months old.  The vouchers can be used at the following firms:

Baba and Boo 
Bambino Mio
Boo Box
Cloth Nappy Shop
Fill Your Pants
Hello Baby
Little Green Earthlets
Little Lamb
Little Pants
Lizzie's real Nappies
Natural Baby Shower
The Nappy Lady
Tots Bots