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Household Recycling Centres

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Vehicle & Trailer Permit

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Please remember, proof of residency is required when visiting a Household Recycling Centre.

A driving licence is required or a valid Flintshire Council Tax bill. 

Non UK licences will not be accepted without a valid Flintshire Council tax bill. 

You can request a copy of your Council Tax Bill online 


  • On entry, you will be required to show proof that you are a resident and live in Flintshire - A recent Council Tax bill less than 12 months old will suffice.
  • You will need to wait at the site entrance until the on-site team allow you in. We will be operating a one-in, one-out system. You MUST remain in your car whilst queuing.
  • Where possible only the driver should make the visit, unaccompanied. Only one person will be permitted to be outside of their vehicle, unless you require a lift with a heavy item, at such time a companion can leave the vehicle for the lift ONLY then return to the vehicle.
  • The sites will be very busy and you should expect to queue to access the site.
  • You are requested to separate your waste before coming to site to speed up your visit.
  • Black bag waste should only contain non-recyclable waste.  We are collecting green waste, food, cans, plastics, paper, card and glass at the kerbside so residents should use these collections for these materials.  We will not accept black bags that contain food and/or recyclables.
  • Please treat our teams, and fellow customers with respect and consideration. Any abuse, or a failure to follow these site safety measures, will not be tolerated.

We provide a network of 5 Household Recycling Centres for residents to recycle waste from their home.    


Opening Times

09:00hrs until 17:00hrs* daily. 

*The sites close at 17:00 but the last vehicle will be admitted at 16:50 to allow time for the vehicle to off load. 

Type of waste accepted

List of Waste accepted at Household Recycling Centres 

The waste must be from a domestic property.  

We will not take commercial or business waste.

Calor and Butane to be taken to the nearest dealer.

Frequently Asked Questions


Due to space constraints and high demand, there is a limited supply of compost on our HRC sites. We are replenishing stock levels at the sites regularly; however, there may be occasions when supplies may be low or not available. Availability of compost material will be on a first come first basis.

The following safety controls will continue to be in place at the centres:

  • traffic management and queuing systems with limited numbers of vehicles allowed in at a time.

Why do I have to queue to use the recycling centres?

On site operatives are on hand keeping the flow of traffic moving and will advise you when you can enter and where to go. Please follow their instructions at all times. 

Can I bring bags of clothes for the clothes bank?

Yes, our recycling centres are accepting textiles and clothes.  

Can I bring garden and DIY waste?

Yes garden and DIY waste is being accepted. 

Please separate waste before coming to site to help speed up your journey.

How do I remove bulky waste items such as furniture?

If you have bulky items to dispose of, please either wait until we are able to assist you with these items, or alternatively you can book a bulky waste collection through our Contact Centre 01352 701234.


  • Do not leave waste outside the recycling centres or bring banks. You can be prosecuted for fly tipping.
  • You must be a resident in Flintshire to use Flintshire’s Household Recycling Centres. Likewise, neighbouring authorities will not accept waste from Flintshire residents.
  • Trade waste is not accepted. 

Reduce waste – donate it!

Local charity Refurbs Flintshire  (01352 734111) can collect re-usable furniture and electrical items from your doorstep free of charge.  Alternatively, advertise them on your local Freecycle / Freegle website.