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Fly tipping is the unauthorised deposit of waste on land.  It ranges from one fridge/black bag on the side of the highway to tonnes of rubble dumped at your local beauty spot.  It is a blight on our communities and countryside and a threat to our wildlife.

If you see fly-tipping on public land:

Public land includes roads, pavements, verges, lay-bys and many open spaces.  On private land the landowner is responsible for removal. 

  • Don't disturb any evidence, put yourself in danger, touch the waste or confront fly-tippers. 
  • Make a note of the type of waste, amount, location & type of land e.g. highway, residential, parkland.
  • If you saw the people/vehicle involved record as many details as possible e.g licence plate, distinguishing features, where you were standing.
  • Take photos if possible and details of any other witnesses if they agree. These can be attached to the e-form below.

Report fly-tipping


What happens next?
Our Environmental Protection team will investigate and try to identify the offender so we can take enforcement action against them. If you agree to be a witness it can help us secure a conviction.  We aim to remove dumped rubbish within 24 hours, larger accumulations may take longer. 

Householders Duty of Care

Two thirds of fly-tipping in Flintshire originates from households.  You have a legal Duty of Care to dispose of your own waste responsibly.  If your waste is found to be dumped illegally, whether you know about it or not, you can be fined up to £5,000.

If you are employing a tradesmen, skip company or anyone else to dispose of your waste it is your responsibility to ensure they registered waste carriers.  Trades and services that may need to be registered include builders, carpet fitters, window fitters, plumbers, electricians, gardeners, and tree surgeons.

Check where they are taking your waste and ask to see their waste carrier licence.  Take their name and address, vehicle licence number and description. Keep the details somewhere safe in case you need to produce them in future.  If in doubt check the Environment Agency public register or call 03708 506 506. If they are not registered, refuse the service.


Dispose of household waste at your local Household Waste Recycling Centre (Tip) for free.  Find out what we will accept, locations and opening hours.

Request a bulky waste collection.  You may quality for a free collection. Fridges and fridge freezers are removed free of charge from all homes.