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No to the bin, yes to reuse!

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Refurbs Repair and Reuse centre with Caffi Cyfle Buckley, Brunswick Rd, Buckley, CH7 2EF 

The Repair and Reuse centre provides demonstrations and workshops on basic repairs which can be replicated at home. Demonstrations and workshops will be timetabled for people to book on and learn how to repair their broken items.

The centre also features Caffi Cyfle, a relaxed cafe offering freshly made cakes and sandwich from local producers. 

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 4pm
Sat: 9am - 3pm

Repair Workshops back for 2023

Repair and Reuse centre in Buckley are hosting upcycling workshops and monthly repair sessions;

Community Fridge

Community Fridge is part of a growing effort to tackle food waste. 

Refurbs Launch Cooking Workshops and Community Meals

Thanks to funding from Hubbub and in conjunction with the Community Fridge at Refurbs Flint  will be hosting a range of cooking workshops and  community meals

Refurbs Flint, 1-3, Aber Park Industrial Estate, Aber Road, Flint, Flintshire, CH6 5EX 

Refurbs Flint has 3 showrooms offering quality affordable household furniture and appliances.

Reuse is to use something again for its original purpose or to fulfil a different function by creative reuse or repurposing.

This is the best option before recycling the item.

Reuse differs from Recycling. To Recycle, the product undergoes an industrial process to change its form.

Try to avoid the use of disposable items by purchasing items that can be reused, saving money and reducing the long term environmental impact of disposable goods. Try the following and see what a difference you can make.

  • Use a refillable drinks bottle
  • Use a standard razor instead of a disposable
  • Purchase bags for life

Examples of Reuse in Flintshire:

Reuseable nappies

If your child is aged between 0 and 18 months old, you may be entitled to vouchers worth up to £75 towards either the purchase of real nappies or a Real Nappy Laundry Service. 

As the average baby uses 5,000 nappies from birth to potty training, Reusable Nappies offer a considerable saving.

Donate & purchase furniture & goods 

Numerous charitable organisations will receive unwanted clothes, toys, furniture, electrical items, and much more, to sell on through distribution centres or retail shops. To search for your local charity shop:

Refurbs is a not for profit charity based in Flint.Support them by donating any unwanted items ,or by visiting their showrooms to purchase.


Donate your unwanted adult or children’s bicycles for refurbishment: