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What happens to your recycling?

Recycling statistics and destinations

The types and amounts of waste we recycle are closely monitored. If you want to know more about how much recycling and waste Flintshire produces and where that material is taken to, visit the My Recycling Wales webpage

What happens to your recycling?

Have you ever wondered what happens to your recycling once it’s left your kerbside or you’ve dropped it off at the Household Recycling Centre? To better understand where your tin can, food waste or grass cuttings go, visit the Recycle for Wales website:

If you would like to view one of these processes live in action, you can see the Council’s own green waste composting facility which is located next to the Household Recycling Center in Greenfield.

This short video also shows how your garden waste is turned into a nutrient-rich soil conditioner for you to reuse back in your garden.

Non-recyclable waste (black bin collections)



All the non-recyclable waste we collect is sent for processing to the new waste to energy facility, Parc Adfer, on Deeside Industrial Park. This new facility will process up to 200,000 tonnes of post-recycled waste and will generate enough renewable energy to meet the needs of over 30,000 homes