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Apply for a Council house and find other advice relating to Flintshire County Council's Housing services

Housing Rents

Housing Rents

Housing Solutions

Advice and guidance on applying for social housing, housing transfer, affordable housing etc.

Homeless / Homelessness

Advice and guidance if you are homeless, about to become homeless or are wanting to leave your home.

Housing Improvements and Repairs

Information about who is responsible for Housing Repairs and how to report a Housing Repair.

Noise Nuisance

Noise Nuisance problems


StreetLink is a website that enables the public to alert local authorities in England and Wales about people sleeping rough in their area.

'2025' Health and Housing Conference

A film from the Health and Housing Conference held December 2016, about ending avoidable health inequalities in North Wales by 2025.

North East Wales Homes & Property Management

North East Wales (NEW) Homes and Property Management, based in Flintshire, will own, lease and manage properties across Flintshire.

Affordable Housing

Flintshire County Council supports a low cost home ownership scheme, which enables people currently priced out of the housing market to own a home of their own.

Housing Grants & Loans

Assistance available to homeowners to repair, improve and adapt their homes.

Private Rental

If you are looking to rent housing in the private sector, need help finding your deposit or a landlord then please visit our private rented sector pages on flintshirehousing.co.uk

Council Housing Contacts

Find useful contact details for various Housing services

Extra Care Housing

Learn more about Flintshire County Council's extra care housing schemes

Disrepair of privately rented property

Help for tenants living in privately rented accommodation that is in a poor state of repair

Empty Homes

Find advice about the empty homes scheme

Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS)

Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS)

Strategic Housing And Regeneration Programme (SHARP)

Flintshire County Council is committed to meeting the needs of the local community for affordable housing across the county

Right to Buy

Flintshire County Council is applying to Welsh Government to suspend the Right to Buy council dwellings in Flintshire.

Housing Statement

The Council recognises and supports the positive outcomes for people in housing need that are attained from effective, person centred homeless prevention services as contained within the Housing (Wales) Act 2014.

Privacy Notice

What to expect when the Council collects personal information.