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Housing Grants & Loans

Empty Property Loan

Flintshire has approximately 500 long term empty properties; the Empty Property Grant is a loan to help owners bring empty properties back in to use.

This is in the form of an interest free loan to cover works which bring the property up to the Decent Homes Standard. An example would be, works to remedy serious disrepair, provide modern kitchen and bathroom facilities, improve heating systems and insulation, and to remove any serious hazards which could affect the well-being of the occupier, such as dampness, dangerous stairs or electrical wiring.

  • Max: £35,000 per unit of accommodation (£150,000 per applicant maximum).
  • Council holds share of property to be repaid on sale or transfer within 2-5 years.
  • For owners of 6 months plus, vacant residential properties to bring up to lettable standard.
Eligibility CriteriaConditionsAmount
  • Applicant has an owners interest
  • Applicant must have sufficient equity within their property to cover the loan amount/or offer a different property with sufficient equity for security
  • Applicants property must be long term vacant (over 6 months)
  • Property must be tenanted until the loan is released or sold
  • On completion of the works, the property must be habitable and of a lettable standard (no category 1 hazards)
  • Property must be covered by buildings insurance until the loan is repaid
  • Maximum loan of £35,000 subject to eligibility testing and loan assessment
  • The Council holds a share of the property value, to the cost of the works
  • Loan is repaid on sale or transfer (maximum loan term is 2 years for sale and 5 years for rent)
  • Voluntary early repayment may be made at any time

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Owner Occupier Loan

The Welsh Government has launched a new Loan scheme offering financial support to owners of private properties. 

The fund, made available to Councils in Wales, enables the Council to provide short to medium term loans to owners of sub-standard properties who pass affordability criteria and who are restricted by other sources of finance. 

Interested applicants should complete an Expression of Interest Form, please see attached.  Please note you will be required to manage the project yourself, including seeking competitive quotes, arranging an asbestos survey, managing the work on site and ensuring that all the work is completed to your satisfaction and meets any legislative requirements in place.

Please note that the loan is discretionary and an offer of a loan cannot be guaranteed until the applicant has received formal notice of approval.  All monies will be paid to you on provision of a Contractor(s) invoice on completion of the works.

Owner Occupier Loans Leaflet

Owner Occupier Loans Housing Regeneration