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Housing Standards Team

The Housing Standards Team works to engage with private sector tenants, giving them a voice and responding to their needs. It is a priority for Flintshire County Council to support tenants and raise standards. We believe that everyone has the right to live in a home, which is in good repair, has ready access to all necessary amenities, is safe and is free from significant hazards.

A list of the possible 29 housing hazards under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System is available to view via this hyperlink.

Rogue Landlords

‘Rogue’ Landlords is a term for landlords renting properties who do not follow to the rules and regulations regarding licensing and safety standards in properties. Some may not be registered and licensed correctly; some may not issue proper contracts to tenants; some may refuse to carry out repairs.

The questions below will help to decide if your landlord is following  the rules and regulations and whether you need to report them to the relevant agency.

Does my private rented property need to be licensed / registered with anyone?

All private rented properties must be registered in Wales with Rent Smart Wales since 2015, and a Landlord must hold an individual licence should they carry out activities such as collecting rent, arranging tenants or issuing eviction notices.

Some Landlord use licensed agents instead. You can check here.

There are some properties and landlords that may have exemptions.

If you are unsure if your Landlord or Agent has the appropriate registration or licence, you can contact RSW directly or you can contact the Housing Standards Team by emailing:

My property is a poor standard of accommodation, should my Landlord be doing repairs? 

The first point of contact should always be the owner/landlord of the property to discuss your concerns and ask that any defects be put right. Remember they may not even know that work is required to the property.

The owner/landlord should then be given a reasonable time period to carry out the repairs. This time period is very much dependant on the type of repairs required. 

A Standard Letter that you can amend and send to your landlord before we get involved is available via this hyperlink.

This letter could help to resolve your concerns without our involvement. 

My landlord has refused to carry out any work to the property. What can I do?

If the owner, landlord or agent of the property has refused to carry out repairs or has agreed to repairs, but fails to start them at the agreed time you can contact the Housing Standards Team.

An Environmental Health Officer will look into your enquiry and decide if further investigation or enforcement action is needed. They may need to carry out an inspection of your home and take up your case with the landlord.

You can contact the Housing Standards Team by emailing:

My property is not fit for habitation under Renting Homes Act (Wales) 2016: Fitness for Human Habitation 

Your home should not be unfit to live in when you start living there. This area of housing law is not enforced by the Council and a County Court would make decisions on whether your home is fit or unfit.

The first point of contact should always be the owner/landlord of the property to discuss your concerns and ask that any defects be put right. You should contact Shelter Cymru or Flintshire CAB if you believe your home is unfit.

General guidance for private tenants on Fitness for Human Habitation is available via this hyperlink.

Common Issues in Private Rented Property

Damp or Mould Growth

Complaints regarding damp and mould growth are very common and you may find useful advice to help you deal with the mould issue in this leaflet provided by Rent Smart Wales. If you believe there are significant defects to the heating, insulation or ventilation at your home, or the damp and mould growth is affecting your health - you should contact us. 

Fuel Poverty

It can be expensive to heat homes and Warm Wales can give further advice and assistance in respect of this.

Risk of Eviction

Your Landlord can issue an eviction notice to end your tenancy, however they need to use the correct procedure to do so. If you are unsure which notice you have been served and the requirements of it, you can contact Shelter Cymru for further support and advice. 

You can contact the Housing Standards Team by emailing or by calling 01352 703440.