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Improvements and Repairs

Our aim is to provide a good quality, efficient maintenance service for tenants in council properties.

Tenant’s Responsibilities

Tenants are responsible for:

  • Keeping the property clean and properly decorated.
  • Telling us promptly when a repair is needed.
  • Letting us into the property to carry out repair work.

Tenants are also responsible for some repairs:

  • Replacing plugs and chains in baths, basins etc.
  • Fitting and replacing door bells.
  • Putting up TV aerials or dishes (except communal).
  • Maintaining any general garden paths (not the ones giving main access to doors or cloths lines).
  • Replacing lost keys, changing locks if they are locked out, and fitting extra locks.
  • Replacing light bulbs and fluorescent tubes and starters, and fuses in appliances.
  • Carrying out internal decoration including filling small plaster cracks and holes.
  • Taking steps to prevent water in pipes and tanks freezing.
  • Attempting to clear blocked sinks, baths and basins.
  • Replacing glass unless it can proved that the damage was outside the tenant’s control.
  • Repairing and maintaining tenants’ own fixtures and appliances including pipe work to washing machines.
  • Replace clothes lines or repair rotary lines (except in communal drying areas)
  • Installing shelves, curtain rails and blinds
  • Replacing batteries in battery operated smoke detectors.

Our Responsibilities

We are responsible for repairing and maintaining the structure of the property you live in.  This includes all the external parts and any internal fixtures provided by us unless they form part of your responsibilities.

Our responsibilities also cover all pipes, wiring and fixtures for heating, drainage, power and lighting, and any smoke detectors we have provided.  We also arrange servicing for any appliances provided by us and sweeping of chimneys if they are used for wood or coal fires. 

Outside your home we are responsible for any boundary walls and fences that we own and for the steps and paths leading from the property boundary to your main entrance doors, to your clothes drying area and to any brick outbuildings or sheds originally provided by us.  We are also responsible for any built-on garages, and for any communal facilities, common gardens or open areas.

Joint Responsibility

Every year we must, in accordance with the law, conduct a gas safety check at all properties with a gas supply. Tenants have to let us in to do these checks. If they don't do this, we will take action against them.

We carry out these checks for the tenant’s benefit to ensure the safety of everyone who lives in or next to the property.

Also remember that vents should not be blocked.

Contact Repairs:

You can report a Council Housing Repair by submitting an online form:

Report a Council Housing Repair

Or alternatively, you can contact Housing Repairs on 01352 701660 (during office hours). 

For out-of-hours emergency repairs, please telephone 01352 702121.

Explanation & Further Advice

What repairs are covered by the Repairs Service?

We are responsible for the exterior of your property, the main structure and any fixtures or fittings we have provided in your home.  You are responsible for looking after the interior of your property and for some repairs and replacements. (See 'Our Responsibilities' and your 'Your Responsibilities' above).

Do I have to pay for any repairs?

If you report a repair needed due to damage caused by you or someone in your home, we will expect you to repair it and pay for it. We will always carry out urgent work to ensure that you and your family are safe but we will charge for this if it was you who caused the problem. Our charges include administration costs.If the damage occurred due to theft or vandalism and you can provide us with a Police Crime Number, you will not be charged for the cost of the repairs.

Can I claim for damage to my property?

You are responsible for decorating the inside of your home.  You are also responsible for your own belongings, carpets, fittings, etc.  You should take out home content insurance to cover these things in case they get stolen or damaged.  If any damage is our fault you may be able to claim for the cost.

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