Alert Section

Housing Statement

Flintshire County Council recognise and support the positive outcomes for people in housing need that are attained from effective, person centred homeless prevention services as contained within the Housing (Wales) Act 2014.

However, following careful consideration, the Council has decided to embrace its new duties and powers provided to it through the Housing (Wales) Act 2014, in a phased approach.  Therefore, the Council will continue to maintain the use of the homelessness intentionality test with all the categories of applicants as laid down in the regulations by the Welsh Ministers.

Flintshire County Council will only utilise its power under Section 78 of the Housing (Wales) Act 2014, to apply the intentionally test after is satisfied that it has taken all reasonable step with the applicant to help prevent their homeless and/or help them to secure accommodation.

The Housing Solution Service will reassess, in the autumn of 2015, whether the Council will continue to apply the test of intentionality with all categories of homeless applicants.