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Garages Available To Rent

Following a detailed review of all Flintshire County Council operated garage sites throughout the county, decisions have been made on the future of each site.

Consideration has been given to:-

  • the current condition of the garages,
  • the potential cost of the refurbishment of the garages where needed versus the cost of their demolition,
  • the anticipated ongoing future maintenance costs of the garages,
  • the demand from residents for rental of the garages,
  • the need for more off road car parking facilities in areas where on street parking currently causes unacceptable levels of congestion
  • issues such as repeated acts of anti-social behaviour that are difficult to control
  • various consultations with a cross section of neighbouring tenants and Council Members.

 One of the outcomes of our review is that where refurbishment of empty garages has been identified as cost effective, we are now in a position to accept applications initially from council house tenants in your area for rental of these refurbished garages.

If you are interested in renting a garage, please complete the application form.

Should you require any further information, please email