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Examination Library

The examination library will include the Submission Documents  and the following documents added subsequent to submission. These later documents are grouped according to the type of document.

Inspector and Programme Officer documents

INSP001 Pre Hearing Meeting Letter from Programme Officer 14/12/20

INSP002 Examination Guidance Notes 04/01/21

INSP002a Pre Hearing Meeting Agenda 04/01/21

INSP003 Note of Pre Hearing Meeting 12/01/21

INSP004 Letter from Programme Officer Jan 21

INSP005 Draft Hearing Session Timetable

INSP005A Draft Hearing Session Timetable

INSP006 Schedule of Matters Issues and Questions This is superseded by INSP006A

INSP006A Schedule of Matters, Issues and Questions

INSP007 Draft Hearings Programme 09/02/21 

INSP007A Draft Hearings Programme as at 10/03/21

INSP007B Draft Hearings Programme 05/04/21

INSP007C Draft Hearings Programme 09/04/21

INSP008 Letter from Inspectors to the Council

INSP009 Letter from Programme Officer Feb 21

INSP010 Post Hearings Letter

INSP011 Suspension Letter

INSP012 Welsh Development Quality Requirements 2021

INSP012b Minister Letter WQBR

INSP013 Inspectors response to Council letter dated 6th Oct 

INSP014 Inspectors letter to Council re Warren Hall Strategic Site 

INSP014b Inspectors letter to Council re Warren Hall Strategic Site

INSP015 Inspectors letter to Council re Phosphates interim findings 

INSP016 Inspectors letter to Council 

INSP017 Inspectors response to council

INSP018 Inspectors' response to Council letters on MAC75

Council Documents

FCC001 Inspector’s Preliminary Questions 18/12/20

FCC002 Housing Land Supply 15/02/21

FCC003 LDP Scheme of Delegation 26/01/21

FCC004 Open Space Assessment March 2021

FCC005 – Senedd Petitions Committee Report – Red Route

FCC006 FCC Opening Statement

FCC007 Northern Gateway Housing Position Statement

FCC008 Draft Statement of Sub-Regional Collaboration

FCC009 Position Statement - Committed Sites

FCC010 - Letter to LDP EiP Inspectors Re NJL Further submissions OP001 and OP002

FCC011 - Flintshire LDP - Land adjacent C. Quay power station - NRW advice

FCC012 Appeal Decision - 3266774

FCC013 - Ash Lane Settlement Boundary

FCC014 Large Sites Windfall Allowance AR explanation

FCC015 - HSE letter   

FCC016 - Well Street, Buckley planning application 062458 

FCC017 - Statement - Annual completions data

FCC018 – Statement Regarding Timeline of Events BMV HN1.6

FCC019 - FCC Response to INSP010 Post Hearings Letter 

FCC020 - Action Point 16.2 Red Route

FCC021 Action Point 12.7 Correspondence between Hawarden CC and FCC 

FCC022 Action Point AP3b.6 - Future Wales: Green Belt 

FCC023 - WDQR 2021 response to Inspector final

FCC024 - AP3b.5 Growth Deal Housing 

FCC025 Letter To EiP Inspectors 06.10.2021 Re Phosphates 

FCC026 AP3b Penyffordd Railway Station update 

FCC027 Position Statement HyNet HN1.7 Ewloe allocation 

FCC028 - AP5.2 Metro System

FCC029 All Matters Action Points Updated and Consolidated 

FCC030 - Flintshire LDP Matters Arising Changes

FCC031 - Phosphate Strategy 

FCC032 - Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) Addendum

FCC033 - FCC Hearing Statement Approach to Phosphates Issue 

FCC034 - Welsh Government Statement - Phosphates Hearing Session

FCC035 - Response to Inspectors initial findings on phosphates work

FCC036 - Letter to Inspector Clarifying approach to MACs

FCC037 Letter to Inspectors Re MAC75 Query

FCC038 Letter 2 to Inspectors RE MAC75 Query

Statement of Common Ground Documents

SOCG001 HN1.3 Highmere Drive, Connah's Quay

SOCG002 HN1.7 Land between Holywell Road and Green Lane, Ewloe

SOCG003 HN1.8 Ash Lane, Hawarden

SOCG004 HN1.9 Wrexham Road, HCAC

SOCG005 Welsh Water / Hafren Dyfrdwy

SOCG005A Addendum Welsh Water Hafren Dyfrdwy


SOCG007 STR3B Warren Hall

SOCG007A Addendum

SOCG008 Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board Position Statement

SOCG009 Flintshire Local Education Authority Position Statement

SOCG010 Northop Rd, Flint Position Statement 

SOCG011 - STR3B Warren Hall – Aerodrome safeguarding and agreed development extents 

SOCG012 - Statement of common ground NRW

Documents submitted by other parties during examination

OP001 Bloor Homes - Response to FCC007

OP002 Lavington Participation Corp and Duncraig Investment Corp - Response to FCC007

OP003 J10 Planning on behaf of Gower Homes Castle Homes Messrs Arowsmith Bartlett and Kitchen 

OP004 HyNet CO2 Pipeline Note 

OP005 Welsh Government Clarification FCC  WCBC LDPs Phosphates