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Guidance and Other Planning Policy

An essential part of preparing the LDP is to compile an evidence base to inform the content of the Plan. The Plan’s vision, objectives, strategy and detailed policies and proposals must be based on a robust and up to date evidence base. The Council has now published its Submission Document Library to support the subsequent Examination of the LDP. Alongside that specific and detailed evidence base that supports the soundness of the LDP, this document library, identifies useful existing and related guidance and policy and is grouped according to whether it is relevant at the National, Regional & Local level, and which is relevant to and/or has been taken into account in the preparation of the LDP. By clicking on each of the links the relevant documents can be viewed. The documents should be read alongside the Submission Documents Library.

National  Regional   Local
Local Development Plans Wales: A Guide to LDP’s, (Welsh Assembly Government, 2006) North-Wales-Regional-Employment-Land-Strategy – Strategy Document (PDF 11MB)  Flintshire Regeneration Strategy 2009 – 2020 (Flintshire County Council 2011) (PDF 1MB)
Local Development Plan Manual 3 (Welsh Assembly Government, 2020) Regional-Employment-Land-Strategy-for-North-Wales Summary (PDF 3MB) Assessment of Local Well-being for Flintshire
Planning Policy Wales Edition 10 (Welsh Government 2018)  West Cheshire – North East Wales Sub Regional Spatial Strategy (2006) Improvement Plan 2012-2017
Planning Policy Wales Edition 11 (Welsh Government 2021)  Dee Catchment Flood Management Plan (2010) Penyffordd Place Plan 2017
Wales Spatial Plan 2008 Update (Welsh Assembly Government 2008) North West England and North Wales Shoreline Management Plan Flintshire Council Plan 2019-2023
Minerals Technical Advice Note (Wales) Note1: Aggregates (Welsh Assembly Government 2004)  2016-08 Vision for North Wales Economy  
Minerals Technical Advice Note (MTAN) Wales2: Coal (2009) North Wales Joint Local Transport Plan 2015  
TAN2 Planning and Affordable Housing (Welsh Assembly Government 2006)    
TAN4 Retail and Commercial Development (Welsh Assembly Government 2016)    
TAN5 Nature Conservation and Planning (Welsh Government 2009)    
TAN6 – Planning for Sustainable Rural Communities (2010)    
TAN7 Outdoor Advertisement Control (Welsh Assembly Government 1996) (PDF 35KB)    
TAN10 Tree Preservation Orders (Welsh Assembly Government 1997)    
TAN11 Noise (Welsh Assembly Government 1997) (PDF 110KB)    
TAN12 Design (Welsh Assembly Government 2002)    
TAN13 Tourism (Welsh Assembly Government 1997)    
TAN14 Coastal Planning (Welsh Assembly Government 1998)    
TAN15 Development and Flood Risk (Welsh Assembly Government 2004)    
TAN16 Sport and Recreation (Welsh Government 2009)    
TAN18 Transport (Welsh Assembly Government 2007)    
TAN19 Telecommunications (Welsh Assembly Government 2002)    
TAN20 Planning and The Welsh Language (Welsh Government 2013)    
TAN21 Waste (Welsh Assembly Government 2001)    
TAN23 Economic Development (Welsh Government 2014)    
TAN24 The Historic Environment (Welsh Government) 2017    
Towards Zero Waste - One Wales: One Planet (Welsh Assembly Government 2010)    
One Wales: Connecting the Nation: The Wales Transport Strategy (Welsh Assembly Government 2008)    
Fields in Trust - Guidance for Outdoor Sport and Play – Beyond the Six Acre Standard Wales (2018)    
Building an Economic Development Evidence Base to support a Local Development Plan Welsh Government    
National Transport Finance Plan Welsh Government    
North Wales Regional Technical Statement 1st Review (Welsh Government / North Wales Regional Aggregates Working party) 2015    
Circular 005/2018 - Planning for Gypsy, Traveller and Showpeople Sites    
Designing Gypsy and Traveller Sites - Guidance (Welsh Government 2015)