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The representations and responses to the Deposit LDP consultation exercise were endorsed by Cabinet on 22/09/20 and Full Council on 29/09/20 and the submission of the Plan for Examination was approved.

The Council submitted the Deposit LDP for examination on Friday 30th October to Welsh Government and Planning Inspectorate.

The submission documents are listed below and each document has a unique reference number and a weblink to each document.

The Planning Inspectorate will now arrange for an Examination of the Plan to be held in early 2021 by an independent Planning Inspector. This will be organised by a Programme Officer, under instruction from the appointed Inspector(s).

Further details of the Examination will be published as and when available.

Submission Documents:

Key Stage DocumentsKey Process Documents 


LDP-KSD-DEP1 Deposit Plan Sept 2019 – written statement

Notice of Submission

Notice of Submission

Consultation Report

LDP-KPD-CR1 Consultation Report Oct 2020

 LDP-KSD-DEP2.1 Proposals Map 01 Front Proposals Map 1 (north of County) LDP-KPD-CR1a Consultation Report Appendices 21a to 24
 LDP-KSD-DEP2.2 Proposals Map 01 Back Holywell Flint Index Map LDP-KPD-CR1b Consultation Report Appendices 25a to 29d
 LDP-KSD-DEP2.3 Proposals Map 02 Front Proposals Map 2 (middle of County) LDP-KPD-CR1c Consultation Report Appendices 30 to 33
 LDP-KSD-DEP2.4 Proposals Map 02 Back Connah's Quay Shotton Queensferry Index Map

Deposit LDP Representations and Responses 

LDP-KPD-RR1 Deposit Reps and Responses

 LDP-KSD-DEP2.5 Proposals Map 03 Front Proposals Map 3 (south of County) LDP-KPD-RR2 Deposit LDP Representations and representation documents 
 LDP-KSD-DEP2.6 Proposals Map 03 Back Buckley Mold Saltney Index Map

Minor Changes

LDP-KPD-MC1 Minor Changes

 LDP-KSD-DEP3 Initial Consultation Report Sept 2019

Delivery Agreement 

LDP-KPD-DA1 Delivery Agreement Jul 2020

 LDP-KSD-DEP4 Notice of Deposit Consultation

Integrated Impact Assessment (Sustainability Appraisal and Strategic Environmental Assessment)

LDP-KPD-IIA SA scoping Report Mar 2015

Preferred Strategy 

LDP-KSD-PS1 Preferred Strategy

LDP-KPD-IIA2 SA Strategic Options Oct 2016
LDP-KSD-PS2 Preferred Strategy Soundness Assessment LDP-KPD-IIA3 IIA Preferred Strategy Oct 2017
LDP-KSD-PS3 Background Paper - Consideration of Strategic Options Consultation and Assessment of Options LDP-KPD-IIA3.1 IIA Pref Strat Non Tech Sum 2017
LDP-KSD-PS4 Background Paper - Consideration of Candidate Sites Against the Preferred Strategy LDP-KPD-IIA4 Deposit IIA Sept 2019

Strategic Options

LDP-KSD-SO1 Strategic Options Main Consultation document

LDP-KPD-IIA4.1 Deposit IIA Appendix A-D

Key Messages Document

LDP- KSD-KM1 KeyMessages_LDP_WithAppendices Final

LDP-KPD-IIA4.2 Deposit IIA Appendix E

LDP-KSD-KM2 Settlement Audit Reports

Habitats Regulations Assessment

LDP-KPD-HRA1 PS HRA Screen Rep 2017

  LDP-KPD-HRA2 Dep HRA Screen Rep Oct 2020

LDP-KPD-HRA2.1Dep HRA Map1 Sept 2019


Candidate Sites

LDP-KPD-CS1 Candidate Sites Register

  LDP-KPD-CS1.1 Candidate-Sites---GuidanceNote
  LDP-KPD-CS1.2 Candidate-Sites-Assessment-Methodology
  LDP-KPD-CS1.3 Summary-of-reps-and-responses-CS-assessment
  LDP-KPD-CS2 Further-Call-for-Candidate-Sites-–-Minerals-and-Waste-Gypsy-and-Traveller-Accommodation

Alternative Sites

LDP-KPD-AS1 Alternative Sites Register


Key Stakeholder Forum

LDP-KPD-KSF1 KSF Terms of Reference


LDP-KPD-KSF2 KSF Meeting 27.02.15


LDP-KPD-KSF3 KSF Meeting Strat Opt 12.06.16


Minutes of Meetings

LDP-KPD-PSG1 PSG Minutes English


Minutes - Cabinet - 22.09.20 final


Constraints Map

Constraints Map

Evidence Base Documents:

Topic Papers

LDP-EBD-TP1 Topic Paper 1 - Biodiversity and Nature Conservation

Background Papers

LDP-EBD-BP1 Green Barrier 2020

Housing / Population

LDP-EBD-HP1 Local Housing Market Assessment Contextual Report – August 2015

LDP-EBD-TP2 Topic Paper 2 - Flooding and Environmental Protection LDP-EBD-BP2 Background Paper LDP02 Green Infrastructure LDP-EBD-HP2 Local Housing Market Assessment Final Report – August 2015
LDP-EBD-TP3 Topic Paper 3 - Built and Historic Environment LDP-EBD-BP3 Infrastructure Plan LDP-EBD-HP3 Local Housing Market Assessment Update - January 2019
LDP-EBD-TP4 Topic Paper 4 - Open Space LDP-EBD-BP4 Background Paper LDP04 - Minerals LDP-EBD-HP3.1 Local Housing Market Assessment Update Final Report Addendum – February 2020
LDP-EBD-TP5 Topic Paper 5 - Waste LDP-EBD-BP5 Background Paper LDP05 - Waste LDP-EBD-HP3.2 Local Housing Market Assessment Summary of Changes
LDP-EBD-TP6 Topic Paper 6 - Minerals LDP-EBD-BP6 Background Paper LDP06 - Gypsy Traveller Sites LDP-EBD-HP4 Household Projections Technical Paper (Preferred Strategy)
LDP-EBD-TP7 Topic Paper 7 - Spatial Strategy LDP-EBD-BP6.1 Addendum - Update Oct 2020 LDP-EBD-HP5 Growth Options for Flintshire LDP – Commentary on Welsh Governments Anticipated 2017 based Household Projections – Sept
LDP-EBD-TP8 Topic Paper 8 - Economy and Employment LDP-EBD-BP7 Background Paper LDP07 Affordable Housing LDP-EBD-HP6 Viability Study (Study Concerning the Economic Viability of Providing Affordable Housing Across Flintshire) – September
LDP-EBD-TP9 Topic Paper 9 - Health, Well-being and Cohesion LDP-EBD-BP7.1 Background Paper LDP07 Affordable Housing Summary of Changes LDP-EBD-HP6.1 Viability Study (Study Concerning the Economic Viability of Providing Affordable Housing Across Flintshire) – June 20
LDP-EBD-TP10 Topic Paper 10 - Population, Household Growth and Housing LDP-EBD-BP8 Background Paper LDP08 Candidate Alternative Sites LDP-EBD-HP6.2 Viability Study (Study Concerning the Economic Viability of Providing Affordable Housing Across Flintshire) Summary o
LDP-EBD-TP11 Topic Paper 11 - Retailing and Town Centres LDP-EBD-BP9 Background Paper LDP09 - Agricultural Land LDP-EBD-HP7 Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment – 2016
LDP-EBD-TP12 Topic Paper 12 - Infrastructure

LDP-EBD-BP10 Background Paper LDP10 Housing Land Supply

FCC002 - Housing Land Supply

LDP-EBD-HP8 Flintshire Urban Capacity Study – June 2019
LDP-EBD-TP13 Topic Paper 13 - Landscaping LDP-EBD-BP11 Background Paper LDP11 Soundness Self Assessment LDP-EBD-HP8.1 Flintshire Urban Capacity Study – Appendix B Map of Higher Order Settlements
LDP-EBD-TP14 Topic Paper 14 - Rural Affairs LDP-EBD-BP12 Welsh Language LDP-EBD-HP8.2 Flintshire Urban Capacity Study – Appendix D Discounted and Commitments
LDP-EBD-TP15 Topic Paper 15 - Energy LDP-EBD-BP13 Background Paper LDP13 - Renewable Energy LDP-EBD-HP8.3 Flintshire Urban Capacity Study – Appendix E Field Work Sites Schedules
LDP-EBD-TP16 Topic Paper 16 - Transport


LDP-EBD-TR1 PC10.1 Northop to Shotwick WG letter


LDP-EBD-HP8.4 Flintshire Urban Capacity Study – Appendix E Field Work Sites Maps
LDP-EBD-TP17 Topic Paper 17 - Welsh Language LDP-EBD-TR1.1 PC10.1 Northop to Shotwick WG Map LDP-EBD-HP9 Housing Monitoring Report 2016
LDP-EBD-TP18 Topic Paper 18 - Tourism LDP-EBD-TR2 A494 River Dee to Ewloe WG Map LDP-EBD-HP10 Housing Monitoring Report 2017
LDP-EBD-TP19 Topic Papers – Summary of Representations and Responses LDP-EBD-TR3 Deeside Plan LDP-EBD-HP11 Housing Monitoring Report 2018


LDP-EBD-EM1 Employment Land Review Final Report – October 2015

LDP-EBD-TR4 Strat Highways Imp Schemes LDP-EBD-HP12 Housing Monitoring Report 2019
LDP-EBD-EM1.1 Employment Land Review 2015 – Appendix 1 List of Consultees


LDP-EBD-RET1 Flintshire Retail Study – Final Report – April 2019

LDP-EBD-HP13 Rebuttal Statement to Lichfields Technical Statement
LDP-EBD-EM1.2 ELR2015 – Appendix 3 Flintshire Vacant Property Schedule

Renewable and Low Carbon Energy

LDP-EBD-RE1 Renewable Energy Assessment Final Report 2019

Northern Gateway

LDP-EBD-STR3A.1Northern Gateway Pochin

LDP-EBD-EM1.3 ELR2015 – Appendix 5 Flintshire Site Proformas LDP-EBD-RE2 Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Assessment Maps 2019 LDP-EBD-STR3A.2Northern Gateway Praxis
LDP-EBD-EM1.4 ELR2015 – Appendix 6 Sites Scoring System


LDP-EBD-MN1 Regional Technical Statement 2

Warren Hall

LDP-EBD-STR3B.1 Warren Hall Masterplan

LDP-EBD-EM1.5 ELR2015 – Appendix 8 Flintshire Site Scoring Assessment

Other Contextual Documents

LDP-EBD-OCD1 UDP Inspectors Report

LDP-EBD-STR3B.2 market assessment
LDP-EBD-EM1.6 ELR2015 – Appendix 9 Employment Area Proformas

LDP-EBD-OCD2 Flintshire UDP

LDP-EBD-OCD2.1 Flintshire UDP Proposals Map

LDP-EBD-STR3B.3 Warren Hall ALC
LDP-EBD-EM1.7 ELR 2015 – Appendix 12 Flintshire Business Survey LDP-EBD-OCD3 Mold Town Plan 2017 LDP-EBD-STR3B.4.A Warren Hall Desktop
LDP-EBD-EM1.8 ELR2015 – Appendix 13 Developer Marketing Standards LDP-EBD-OCD4 Mold Opportunity Sites Assessment LDP-EBD-STR3B.4.B Target Notes
LDP-EBD-EM1.9 ELR2105 – Appendix 14 Employment Sites Summary and Recommendations

Housing Sites

HN1.3 – Highmere Drive, Connah’s Quay 

LDP-EBD-HN1.3.1 Agricultural Land Classification Report Feb 2019

LDP-EBD-STR3B.4.C NVC and hedgerow assessment
LDP-EBD-EM2 Flintshire Further Employment Growth Scenarios Assessment – Oct 2015 LDP-EBD-HN1.3.2 Highmere Drive Transport Assessment Apr 2019 LDP-EBD-STR3B.4.D Arboricultural Survey
LDP-EBD-EM3 Employment and Housing Advice – April 2019 LDP-EBD-HN1.3.3 Highways Technical Note 01 – Response to FCC Comments 26.06.19 LDP-EBD-STR3B.4.E Warren Hall Bat Survey Report
LDP-EBD-EM4 A Growth Deal for North Wales  

HN1.6 – Land between Denbigh Rd and Gwernaffield Rd, Mold

LDP-EBD-HN1.6.1 Denbigh Rd Mold

LDP-EBD-STR3B.4.F Warren Hall Amphibian Survey
LDP-EBD-EM5 Mersey Dee 'Our Unique City Region' Unlocking our True Potential LDP-EBD-HN1.6.2 Denbigh Rd Mold LDP-EBD-STR3B.4.G Warren Hall Breeding Bird Survey

Natural / Built Environment

LDP-EBD-EN1 Strategic Flood Consequences Assessment Final Report 2018

HN1.7 – Holywell Rd / Green Lane, Ewloe

LDP-EBD-HN1.7.1 Landscape Vis Assess

LDP-EBD-STR3B.4.H Water Vole and Otter Survey

LDP-EBD-EN1.1 Strategic Flood Consequences Assessment – Appendix A: Interactive Mapping (Please Note - Downloadable ZIP file 1MB)

LDP-EBD-HN1.7.2 Views LDP-EBD-STR3B.4.I Warren Hall Badger survey

LDP-EBD-EN1.2 Strategic Flood Consequences Assessment – Appendix B: Development Site Assessment (Please Note - Downloadable Excel file 75KB) 

LDP-EBD-HN1.7.3 Prelim Geo LDP-EBD-STR3B.4.J Warren Hall Reptile Report

LDP-EBD-EN1.3 Strategic Flood Consequences Assessment – Appendix C: Development Site Assessment Beach Locations (Please Note - Downloadable Excel file 70KB) 

LDP-EBD-HN1.7.4 Agri Land class LDP-EBD-STR3B.4.K Warren Hall Invertebrate Survey
LDP-EBD-EN1.4 Strategic Flood Consequences Assessment – Appendix D Flintshire Breaches Method Statement LDP-EBD-HN1.7.5 Transport LDP-EBD-STR3B.4.L Warren Hall Arb Constraints Drawing
LDP-EBD-EN2 Updated SFCA re PE1 Employment Allocations and PE2 Principal Employment Areas LDP-EBD-HN1.7.6 Welsh Water LDP-EBD-STR3B.4 Warren Hall ecological assessment (2)

LDP-EBD-HN1.7.7 Ecological Synopsis

EBD-HN1.7.8 Ecological Appraisal


HN1.8 – Ash Lane, Hawarden

LDP-EBD-HN1.8.1 Agri report

LDP-EBD-STR3B.5.2 Appendix C Historical Records
  LDP-EBD-HN1.8.2 Agri Statement_Redacted LDP-EBD-STR3B.5.3 Appendix E - part 1
  LDP-EBD-HN1.8.3 Cofnod Search LDP-EBD-STR3B.5.4 Appendix E - part 2
  LDP-EBD-HN1.8.4 Prelim Eco Appraisal LDP-EBD-STR3B.6 Warren Hall Combined DBA FINAL
  LDP-EBD-HN1.8.5 Pond HSI report LDP-EBD-STR3B.7 Warren Hall NALO
  LDP-EBD-HN1.8.6 Transport Assessment LDP-EBD-STR3B.8.1Transport FS Part-1
  LDP-EBD-HN1.8.7 TA Appendices LDP-EBD-STR3B.8.2 Transport FS Part-2
  LDP-EBD-HN1.8.8Heritage Assessment LDP-EBD-STR3B.9.1 Warren Hall Broughton - PUA Rev 1

HN1.9 – Wrexham Rd, Abermorddu

LDP-EBD-HN1.9.1 Agricultural Land Classification Report

LDP-EBD-STR3B.9.2 Appendices
  LDP-EBD-HN1.9.2 Ecology Report LDP-EBD-STR3B.9.3 Dev Enq Mains Letter HD
  LDP-EBD-HN1.9.3 Further Ecology Assessment LDP-EBD-STR3B.9.4 DCWW letter
  LDP-EBD-HN1.9.4 Flood Consequence Assessment  
  LDP-EBD-HN1.9.5 Hydraulic Modelling Report  
  LDP-EBD-HN1.9.6 Surface Water Drainage strategy  
  LDP-EBD-HN1.9.7 Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment  
  LDP-EBD-HN1.9.8 Topographic Survey  
  LDP-EBD-HN1.9.9 Transport Assessment  
  LDP-EBD-HN1.9.10 Transport Technical Note  
  LDP-EBD-HN1.9.11 Tree Survey and AIA