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Matters Arising Changes MAC Consultation

Following the Hearing Sessions held as part of the public examination into the Flintshire LDP, Flintshire County Council is undertaking consultation on the Matters Arising Changes (MACs). The hearing sessions were conducted by Sian Worden Lead Planning Inspector and Claire MacFarlane Assistant Inspector, appointed by the Welsh Ministers. Arising from these hearing sessions were a series of draft Matters Arising Changes which were discussed at a further hearing session which took place on 23rd November 2021. The MACs have been agreed with the Inspector, or in the case of IMACs proposed by the Inspector, and these changes are required to make the Plan sound.

The Schedule of MAC’s and supporting documents can be viewed at Connects Offices during normal opening hours and libraries during normal opening hours.

The MACs consultation documents comprise the following:

The MACs should be read in conjunction with the following documents:

The Schedule of MACs is split into two parts:

  • the MACs which are changes of substance affecting the implementation of the Plan such as a policy wording, explanatory text or proposals maps. 
  • the Inspector led Matters Arising Changes (IMACs) which relate only to the deletion of the housing element at the STR3B Warren Hall Strategic Site. 

The minor editing changes (mecs) which do not affect the substance of the Plan are presented for information only and representations are not invited.

It should be stressed that representations at this stage of the Plan’s examination should relate only to the MAC’s and IMAC’s and should not seek to add to previous representations nor to submit new objections to the Plan. Each representation must specify the MAC or IMAC or supporting document to which it relates and set out clearly whether the MAC or IMAC is supported or objected to, and be accompanied by appropriate explanation and reasoning, including how the Plan should be changed to make it sound.

The consultation on the MACs is for a 6 week period. The consultation period commences Friday 17th June 2022 and ends at 5.00pm Friday 29th July 2022. Representations may be made by the following methods:

  • by downloading the representation form (word document) and e-mailing the completed form to or posting to the address below
  • by e-mail to
  • by writing to Andrew Farrow, Chief Officer (Planning Environment and Economy), Flintshire County Council, County Hall, Mold CH7 6NB

Duly made representations on the MACs will be forwarded to the Inspectors for their consideration. This will inform the Inspectors in the completion of their written Report into the Examination of the Deposit LDP. 

Representations and representor names will be published but further personal information will be redacted. The LDP Examination Privacy Notice is available here

Any queries regarding this consultation should be directed to the LDP team on 01352 703213 or . Any queries relating to the Examination of the LDP should be directed to the Programme Officer on 07582 310364 or