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Here you will find relevant information for schools.

There are 3 School Closure Alerts


School Admissions

You can apply for a school place for your children here. Application dates vary depending on whether you are applying for nursery, reception or high school. You can also apply to change schools (for example, because of a house move) here.

School Transport Application

Apply for school transport within Flintshire

School Meals

Here at Flintshire we are committed to healthy eating and we work hard with schools to promote the health and welfare of pupils.

Concessionary Spare Seat

Flintshire County Council provides transport for pupils who are entitled to free travel between home and school under the current policy. Any spare seats on the transport can be sold to pupils who are not entitled to free travel. These places are called Concessionary Spare Seats.

School Holidays & Training Days

School Holidays, Training Days & Bank Holidays.

Welsh Medium Schools

It's probably one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make – so why choose Welsh? There are many benefits, but don't take our word for it, watch the videos to see what other parents and students say.

Estyn Inspection Reports

Estyn is led by Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Education and Training in Wales and inspects quality and standards.

Play Sufficiency

Flintshire County Council are committed to ensuring that all children, young people and communities children have access to enough time, space and permission for play as part of their everyday lives. We recognise our responsibility to ensure that children living in Flintshire have a right to play.

Foundation Phase Nursery

A guide for parents and carers

Childcare Development Grants

Childcare Development Flintshire (Early Years Support) welcome you to our Childcare Development grants' page

Flintshire Childcare Sufficiency Assessment (CSA)

Following a consultation by Welsh Government in 2015 and the resulting revised Statutory Childcare Guidance published in July 2016, Childcare Sufficiency Assessments are required to be carried out every 5 years.

Early Entitlement Scheme, Flintshire

Early Entitlement Scheme, Flintshire

Flintshire Childcare offer

Flintshire Childcare offer

Wrexham Childcare offer

Wrexham Childcare offer

Denbighshire Childcare Offer

Denbighshire Childcare Offer

Education Benefits

You can apply for and find information in relation to Uniform Grants and Free School Meals here. You can also find information about Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA), School Visits & Student Loans.

School Uniform Exchange

Help reduce the cost of schooling in Flintshire by donating your unwanted or unused school uniform.

Welsh Education Strategic Plan

Welsh in Education Strategic Plan (WESP)

Healthcare Needs Policy

This policy sets out Flintshire County Council's approach and provision for managing learners Healthcare Needs in Schools and Pupil Referral Units in Flintshire.

School Modernisation

As the Local Authority, Flintshire County Council is committed to working with schools and communities to secure high quality learning opportunities for everybody.

Music Service

Information regarding the Music Service in Schools.

Schools List 2021 - 2022

Contact details for Schools and access to data for a particular School.

Education Fixed Penalty Notices

For unauthorised absence from school.

Children & Young People with Additional Learning Needs

Here you will find information relatative to children & young people with additional learning needs.


Information relative to Governors can be found here.

Healthy Schools Scheme

The Flintshire Healthy Schools Scheme was launched in October 2000, and is a member of the Welsh Network of Healthy School Schemes.

Pupil Numbers on Roll

These figures are used by the Welsh Government and the Local Authority to inform funding calculations and for other statistical purposes.

School Closures

List of Current School Closures

School Complaints

How to make a school complaint.

Work Experience Placements

We can offer students a range of one or two weeks work experience placements in several departments within the Authority.

Privacy Notice - Childcare Sufficiency Assessment

Privacy Notice - Childcare Sufficiency Assessment