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School Complaints

Making a complaint to your child's school

If you have a problem with a school you should be able to sort it out through an informal discussion with relevant staff at the school.  If you can't resolve a problem informally, the school should have a formal complaints procedure that you can follow.

  • Stage A:  Raise your concern with the teacher (or designated person as advised by the school) within 10 school days. 

If issue is not resolved then:-

  • Stage B:  Write to the headteacher (or designated person) within 5 school days.  (If the complaint is about the headteacher you should move to Stage C).

You should be able to arrange a meeting or a telephone conversation with the headteacher through the school office.  If this isn’t practical, you may wish to make a written complaint.

School Complaint Form

The headteacher/designated person will investigate your complaint and contact you.  You will then receive a letter within 10 school days of receiving your letter with the outcome.

Complaint not resolved then:-

  • Stage C:  Write to the chair of governors within 5 school days. (If the complaint is about the chair of governors you should write to the vice chair of governors.

If your complaint is not resolved, the next stage is to approach the governing body of the school.  All state-funded schools are required to have a procedure to deal with any complaints relating to the school, or to any facilities or services that the school provides for the local community.

If you want to complain to the governing body, ask the school for a copy of its complaints procedure.  All complaints to the governing body must be in writing and addressed to the Chair of Governors at the school address.

If the complaint is against the Chair of Governors, then address your complaint to the Vice Chair of Governors.

You will be informed of the outcome within 10 school days.

All timescales shown are targets and are flexible, however, it is in everyone’s best interest to resolve a complaint as soon as possible.  The school will work with you to ensure that the time allowed to deal with your concern or complaint is reasonable and helps to achieve and answer to the problem.   

What if you feel your complaint is still not resolved

Only after following the complaints steps above, if you think your school's governing body has acted 'unreasonably' you can:

  • write to the Chief Officer Education and Youth or;
  • email
  • telephone the Customer Services Team on 01352 703020.

 This should be the last resort.

Please note Local Authorities do not have a statutory role in resolving complaints about schools – the statutory responsibility rests with the governing body.

The Welsh Government’s view is that the involvement of the Local Authority in a further stage would be for the purpose of reviewing the procedure used to reach a decision, not to review the decision itself or to act as an appeal mechanism.

There are some issues which need to be dealt with outside the formal schools complaints procedure:-

  • Admission to or exclusion from school
  • Statements of Special Educational Need.

If your complaint is related to any of the above issues, telephone the Customer Services Team on 01352 703020 or email to log your complaint.