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Governor Development Unit

The Governor Development Unit provides advice, support, and training for school governors. In its provision of governor development, Flintshire continues to work in partnership with Denbighshire County Council and Wrexham County Borough Council. 

The Association of Flintshire School Governors continues to meet on a termly basis.

e.learning for School Governors

The Wales Government require all new governors, chairs of governors and clerks to undergo statutory training.

In addition to the traditional face to face sessions offered by local authorities, school governors may choose to complete the statutory training on-line.

Please see your clerk to governors who will arrange for you to be issued with the necessary logon


Services Provided for Governors

  • Advice on roles and responsibilities of school governors
  • Organisation of a programme of Governor training events
  • Liaison with local members regarding the nominations of LEA governors to schools
  • Subscription to Governor Associations to keep Governors informed of new initiatives and national conferences

    School Governing Body Complaints Procedures