Early Entitlement Funding Scheme, Flintshire

Applications for Early Entitlement funding 2020-2021 will open from 9th November 2020 for eligible 3 year old children in Flintshire to receive Early Entitlement Education (FPN1) the term after their 3rd birthday.

Early Entitlement Education for 3 Year olds in Flintshire (10 hours) 

Child's Date of Birth 1 September 2017 - 3 January 2018:
Eligible from Spring Term 4 January 2021
Applications open 9 November 2020

Child's Date of Birth 4 January 2018 - 11 April 2018:
Eligible from Summer Term 12 April 2021
Applications open 15 February 2021

Privacy Notice

In order to apply for the Early Entitlement Funding you will need to read and agree to the following terms and conditions:

Personal data will be processed by Flintshire County Council for the specific purposes of administering, monitoring and processing your registration for Early Entitlement Funding. This may relate to the parent/s or child. The processing of your personal data is undertaken as a ‘public task’ on behalf of Estyn.

Flintshire County Council may share your data with other local authorities, the National Health Service, the Police, and family support and early years’ services and partners if this is necessary to carry out its duties to promote wellbeing and welfare. From time to time we may send you information for survey to help evaluate the implementation and delivery of Early Entitlement Funding.

Some of the information held about you will be shared with Estyn [Estyn Privacy Notice]. This will help them to carry out research to improve the care and support provided to you and other people in Wales. The information will be shared lawfully and will only be used byEstyn for research in support of official business. Please see below to read more about what information is shared and how it will be used. For research purposes, we will ensure that data is anonymised before any research takes place. Sharing of anonymised data is outside the GDPR.

Flintshire County Council will retain your information until the child is 18 in line with our retention schedule. If you feel Flintshire County Council has mishandled your personal data at any time you can make a complaint to the Information Commissioners Office by visiting their website or calling their helpline on 03031231113. The information in the Early Entitlement Privacy Notice will be kept under review to incorporate any further changes communicated by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

For further information about how Flintshire County Council processes personal data and your rights please see our privacy notice on our website - http://www.flintshire.gov.uk/en/Resident/Contact-Us/Privacy-Notice.aspx or request a copy from the Council

Your child can have a place in an Early Entitlement registered setting for either:
5 sessions a week, one per day, of 2 hours duration or 4 sessions per week, one per day, of two and a half hours duration. This will depend on what the setting of your choice is providing.

 An Early Entitlement registered setting may be one of the following: ·

  • a playgroup
  • a private day nursery
  • a nursery class or early years unit in a local school

Settings who receive funding must:-

  • have qualified staff
  • be inspected by Estyn
  • provide the stated sessions
  • accept the support of a qualified teacher on a regular basis

You may apply by completing a registration form at the link below.

You can apply for funding at only ONE setting. Funding goes directly to the setting each month (January - July). Although Flintshire County Council provides funded Early Entitlement sessions as directed by the Welsh Government, you may be asked by private nurseries for ‘top up’ fees to meet the cost of a full morning or afternoon session at the setting.

Funding Entitlement

For children whose 3rd birthday falls during the Autumn Term (1st September 2017 - 3rd January 2021) funding will be given for 2 terms, Spring and Summer 2021.

For children whose 3rd birthdays fall during the Spring Term (4th January 2021 - 11th April 2021) funding will be given for 1 term, Summer 2021.

Your child is eligible to start in a school nursery class for 5 x 2.5 hours per week from the September following their 3rd birthday.

Application forms for school nursery admissions are available from October 2020
Please also see Flintshire County Council’s Guide to Education Services for detailed information about the admissions process: School Admissions.

It is Flintshire’s aim to provide the best early years experiences for our young children through quality play. 

For more information:

  • Early Entitlement/ Childcare Offer Team, Tel: 01352 703930 or email: eefundingapplications@flintshire.gov.uk
  • Family Information Service Flintshire (FISF) Tel: 01352 703500
  • Early Years Wales Tel: 01745 530111
  • National Day Nurseries Association Tel: 01824 707823
  • PACEY Cymru Tel:  0845 880 1299
  • Mudiad Meithrin Tel: 01978 363422

Before completing the registration form:

  1. Please check with your chosen childcare provider that they are registered as an Early Entitlement provider
  2. Please ask your Early Entitlement provider:
      • If there is a space available for your child to receive Early Entitlement funded education and if so, how many hours per week can your provider offer your child? Your child is entitled to a maximum of 10 Early Entitlement funded education hours per week.
      • Which days and times are available for your child to attend?
  3. Please agree with your Early Entitlement provider which days and times your child will attend. If your provider offers your child 10 hours of Early Entitlement funded education but you choose not to take up the full 10 hours, you may approach your provider at a later date to increase your child's funded education hours up to the maximum of 10. This change can be requested unless, at any point, you agree with your provider in writing that you do not wish to increase your child’s Early Entitlement hours over the course of the Spring/ Summer term/terms.

Completing the registration form:

You will be required to supply a photocopy of your child’s birth certificate at the time of registration (If you are applying via post, please do not send in your original copies - please only supply photocopies).
You have 6 weeks to submit all required evidence to support your application, after this time incomplete applications will be closed and a new application will need to be submitted online should you wish to pursue the application further.
Please complete the registration form below, ensuring that you identify the correct Early Entitlement provider in the drop down box on the form.
It is important that you let us know immediately if the hour’s change, you switch to another provider, your move home or your email address changes. If you do not inform us your Early Entitlement funding could be lost.

What happens next?

We will contact you to let you know your application has been approved.
You may receive an e-mail from us, from time to time, to confirm that your circumstances remain the same.

Application Form