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Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice tells you what to expect when Flintshire County Council collects personal information.

The Council is committed to compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998, as well as your rights to confidentiality and respect for privacy. The Council will ensure that it keeps your personal information accurate and secure to provide you with efficient services.

The Council will only use the information it holds about you in accordance with the Data Protection Act. The Council will also only collect the minimum information necessary, and when it no longer has a need to keep information about you, that information will be disposed of in a secure manner.

At the time of collecting your information, the Council will inform you why the information is required and with whom it will be shared. Please note, however, that the Council is required to share your information on occasion with third parties, such as agencies that help reduce crime or investigate fraud.

In particular, it will use information about you on the following basis:

  • For all law enforcement, regulation and licensing, criminal prosecutions and court proceedings, the Council will use all the information it holds to undertake those functions efficiently and effectively. The Council may also have a legal requirement to share your personal and sensitive information with other councils and partner agencies.

  • For all uses of information relating to situations where money is owed to the Council or the Council is making a payment in response to a claim for grants, housing or council tax benefits, your personal information (other than just your name, address, dates of occupancy etc.) will be kept secure and used only for that range of purposes (and for the reasons stated above).

By processing your personal data in this way, the Council can ensure that it is able to:

  • Provide you with a better level of service, ensuring that its information about you is accurate and up to date
  • Ensure that public money is spent wisely and efficiently
  • Avoid people being paid money to which they are not entitled
  • Reduce fraud and crime
  • Use it for other Council purposes where appropriate

Why does the Council collect and retain personal data?

To provide you with efficient and effective services, the Council needs to collect personal data. The Council may also need to share your personal data with other service providers who are contracted to carry out services on its behalf. These providers are obliged to keep your personal details secure and use them only to fulfil your service request.

National Fraud Initiative

The Council is required by law to protect the public funds it administers. It may share information provided to it with other bodies responsible for auditing or administering public funds to prevent and detect fraud.

The Auditor General for Wales requires all local authorities under his powers in Part 3A of the Public Audit (Wales) Act 2004, to provide information it holds for this purpose.  The information is shared with the Wales Audit Office/Audit Commission.   As public bodies we are under a duty to protect the public funds that we administer and to this end may use the personal information you may have provided for the prevention and detection of fraud.

Further Information

For further information on the use of your data, please use the contact details below.

Data Protection Team
Flintshire County Council
County Hall
Flintshire CH7 6NR
Email:   dataprotection@flintshire.gov.uk

Subject Access Request

If you want to make a Subject Access Request for copies of your personal data held by the Council, follow this link:


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