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Digital Volunteers

Could you be one? Different volunteers explained. How to get involved

Are you interested in becoming a digital volunteer – you could play a crucial role in helping people, including friends and family members, get online.

Interested? You don’t have to be an IT genius, just have basic IT skills and the time, patience and enthusiasm to pass them on.

We have identified different types of digital volunteers – some organisations may call them something a little different, but, whatever they are called, one of them will suit the sort of volunteer you’d like to be – find out below which suits you best.

Digital Champions are placed in organisations where their help is needed such as libraries, hospitals, care homes or housing associations, helping people one-to-one or running small group sessions.
Digital Companions – for a lot of people who are not online, the best person to help them is a trusted friend or family member who knows them well and can work with them one-to-one to overcome their fears and build their confidence.
Digital Heroes –young people trained by Digital Communities Wales in schools or colleges who then work with older people to pass on their digital skills.

If you think you could help or to find out more, visit any of the following links:

Digital Communities Wales is looking for people with basic digital skills who want to help other people benefit from digital technology.

Digital Champions Network has been delivering digital skills support since 1996.

Ability Net has a network of 300+ volunteers across the UK. Many older people and people with disabilities experience difficulties with their technology - volunteers can provide one-to-one IT and technology support remotely and through home visits.