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Digital Flintshire Consultation Response

Results are in for the consultation on our proposed Digital Strategy and we’d like to thank the 179 people who participated.

Our digital strategy sets out how we will embrace the opportunities that digital technologies, innovation and information offer us to ensure we deliver modern, efficient public services.

Digital Flintshire Consultation Response - Find out more

Digital Strategy

Our plan, Digital Flintshire, which sets out how we will improve, develop and simplify our services, providing the best experience for everyone. There are 8 main themes

1. Digital Customer

Providing all of our customers with the ability to find out information and access our services in a convenient and accessible way

2. Digital Workforce

Giving our workforce the right digital knowledge, skills, and tools to deliver better, simpler services

3. Digital Business and Connectivity

Working with others to support our businesses, residents and visitors by improving connectivity and introducing new technologies

4. Digital Partnership

Working with our partners to improve and develop digital systems and technologies that will connect people, places and the services they need 

5. Digital Information and Data Management

Ensuring that our data is protected, secure and used to help improves services for our residents and businesses

6. Digital Delivery

Providing the digital structure needed to support the delivery of our services and to make Digital Flintshire happen

7. Digital Inclusion

Helping our residents by developing accessible digital services, providing tools and learning opportunities to engage with the digital world confidently and safely

8. Digital Learning and Culture

Supporting our residents and learners of all ages to be competent, confident and able to engage in the digital world around them