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Digital Flintshire - supporting Flintshire in a digital world

What Is Digital Flintshire?

Digital Flintshire is an ambitious plan which sets out how we will improve and simplify our services.

It’s not just about making more services available online, it’s about changing the way we deliver our services to provide the best experience for everyone.

It tells you:

  • What we will do
  • How we will do it

Why Is This Important?

By having an ambitious plan for the county we can:

  • Improve the services we provide
  • Create services that are more accessible, easy to use and meet the needs of the people who use them
  • Help residents and businesses to get connected to faster, more reliable broadband
  • Support people without the internet or devices to get online
  • Support people of all ages to learn and develop their digital skills and build the confidence to use them
  • Provide our schools with the infrastructure they need to deliver 21st century education
  • Support local businesses to connect with markets all across the world – growing our economy and providing local jobs for local people
  • Develop the skills of our workforce and provide them with the tools they need to deliver the services we provide

How Will We Do It?

The plan has eight main themes:

  1. Digital Customer
  2. Digital Workforce
  3. Digital Business and Connectivity
  4. Digital Partnership
  5. Digital Information and Data Management
  6. Digital Delivery
  7. Digital Inclusion
  8. Digital Learning and Culture

Digital Customer

We will continue to introduce and improve our digital services, including payments, so that they can be:

  • Easily and securely accessed by everyone
  • Completed at first point of contact
  • On any device – mobile phone, laptop or computer
  • Any time of day or night
  • Anywhere – from home, or on the go

Where people struggle to use digital services, our Contact Centre and Connects Centres will continue to help during office hours.

Digital Workforce

We will create a digital culture and develop a workplace that gives all of our employees:

  • The right knowledge, skills and digital tools
  • Access to business systems – anywhere, anytime
  • Access to flexible and agile working spaces
  • The confidence to deliver high quality digital services to our customers
  • Support to change and adapt to new, better ways of working

Digital Business & Connectivity

We will work with partners, businesses and communities to introduce digital infrastructure and technologies, such as ultra-fast broadband and mobile coverage. 

This will support:

  • Our businesses to be competitive and access new markets
  • Our residents to engage with the digital world and access employment, education and services

Digital Partnership

We will improve and develop digital systems and technologies that will connect people and places.

This will support:

  • The delivery of more convenient services
  • Information sharing across organisations
  • Better value for money
  • New, better ways of working

Digital Information & Data Management

We will develop and maintain our systems so that the data we collect:

  • Is protected and secure
  • Is used for the right purpose, in the right way, at the right time
  • Helps to inform what future services should look like

Digital Delivery

We will introduce the right IT infrastructure and systems to:

  • Improve and support the delivery of all our services
  • Provide better value for money
  • Make ‘Digital Flintshire’ happen

Digital Inclusion

We will do all that we can to make sure no one is left behind, providing equal opportunities for everyone to:

  • Access support and training
  • Access the internet, devices and online services
  • Promote independence and confidence
  • Improve health and well-being
  • Open up new opportunities

Digital Learning & Culture

We will work with other organisations to provide the infrastructure and systems needed to support:

  • Digital lifelong learning – in the classroom and out in our communities
  • Learners of all ages to positively engage with the digital world around them
  • Communities to become digitally aware and self-sufficient
  • People to access the digital services they need to improve their health and wellbeing, education and employment opportunities

Our Success So Far

  • Updating our website providing more on-line applications and services
  • ‘My Account’ a private and secure area on our website for customers to keep track of their service requests and applications. My Account also enables our tenants to access online information about their tenancy.
  • Digital Flintshire Hub - an online resource to help people to discover digital technology, and build confidence in digital skills.
  • Working with partners to improve broadband connection speeds across Flintshire and North Wales.
  • Changing the way we work in response to COVID-19 such as home working, online meetings and video conferencing.

Our Next Steps

We will continue to develop and implement a range of digital projects such as:

  • Making more Council services available through ‘My Account’
  • Implementing the ‘Local Full Fibre Network Project’
  • Moving our digital infrastructure over to the cloud
  • Working with our partners such as Betsi Cadwaladr University
  • Health Board and North Wales Police to development a set of digital commitments to provide residents with responsive, joined up services.
  • Developing our ‘Information and Data Management Strategy’
  • Developing and improving the information on offer through the Digital Flintshire Hub
  • Working with partners such as GWE to support schools deliver the Digital Competency Framework and Curriculum Wales.

Have Your Say

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