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Alternative Housing Options

There are a range of alternative housing options to consider depending on your circumstances;

- Affordable ownership schemes
- Intermediate rent schemes
- Private renting
- Schemes to help people move out of the district
- Home improvement schemes or adaptation services which enable people to stay in their existing home
- Supported housing or support at home
- Sheltered housing or extra care housing

Please see below for further information regarding different options you might like to explore;

The Flintshire County Council Bond Scheme may be able to help people who cannot afford the cash deposit when trying to rent a property from a private landlord or agent.

Applicants will need to complete a Housing Triage Assessment. To do this please call 01352 703777 or visit your nearest Flintshire Connects office.

Existing Council and Housing Association tenants who want to move can apply for an exchange or transfer.

You can use the Homeswapper website to find a suitable exchange either in Flintshire or elsewhere.


Tai Teg provides different options regarding affordable housing, including properties that are for sale or for rent. Tai Teg manage the affordable/intermediate housing register. 

For more information about current eligibility criteria and to apply, please visit Tai Teg - Am I Eligible to Apply