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Social Housing Register

Once you have completed your housing triage assessment your application will then be assessed to establish your housing need by gathering information. The common housing allocation policy is a banding scheme to prioritise applicants according to their circumstances. There are four banding structures, to find out more about this information, please click here.

Waiting times for social housing can sometimes be significant depending on the housing stock available and the type of property applicants require. For an indication of potential waiting times please use the waiting time calculator below.

Once a property becomes available for letting all applicants for whom the property is suitable will be placed in order of priority banding and date of application with the applicant waiting the longest given highest priority. 

Applicants who are flexible with their area choices and increase the number of places they would consider living, often have a better chance of being rehoused, but even then the waiting times may be significant. We do of course respect each applicant’s decisions about where they feel it’s appropriate for them to live, when considering access to services and family support etc. To see the stock we have in each area please see the Area Stock Map below.

 Frequently asked questions regarding the Social Housing Register.

Wait Time Calculator

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Please click here to learn more about social housing stock in Flintshire and how many properties were let.