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Supported Accommodation

Flintshire County Council commission a number of Supported Housing Projects aimed at working with people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. These Projects offer housing and support services and are an option for people who are not yet ready to take on their own accommodation. Support in the projects consists of a bespoke support package that will focus on people’s individual needs. Our Dedicated Support Workers will work with you to build on your skills, address any issues that are preventing you from accessing long term independent accommodation. They will then help you move on from Supported Accommodation to a home of your own as soon as you’re ready. 

The Supported Housing Project available will depend on your household size (family, single, couple) and also your housing support needs. There are different projects throughout Flintshire that specialise in providing accommodation but availability is limited and we do often have a waiting list.  

If you would like to be considered for Supported Accommodation, please complete a self-referral by following the Link below. 

Referral Form

What types of accommodation are available?

Types of Accommodation range from project to project but consist of: 

  • Self-contained flats and houses  
  • A room within a main building with shared facilities such as bathroom and / or kitchen 

Where is the Supported Accommodation?

We have various Supported Accommodation throughout the Flintshire County and projects based in the following areas:

  • Holywell
  • Buckley
  • Oakenholt
  • Greenfield
  • Deeside
  • Garden City
  • Flint

Please be aware, different projects are situated in different areas and you are unable to specify which area you want to be accommodated in if offered a supported housing placement.

Once your referral is received, you will be matched with the most suitable project and invited for an interview.

How long will I be accommodated in Supported Accommodation for?

Our dedicated Projects / Support Workers will work with you to build on your skills, address any issues that are preventing you from accessing long term independent accommodation and aim to move-on you on from Supported Accommodation to a place of your own as soon as you’re ready. 

What will I have to pay to reside in Supported Accommodation?

The cost of rent will be claimed via Housing Benefit and you will be liable to contribute a small weekly utility charge. This figure will be shared with you during the interview process and differs from project to project.  

How often will I meet with my support worker in Supported Accommodation?

Some of the projects are 24 hour supported meaning staff will be on hand at all time. Other projects are ‘dispersed units’ which means they are self-contained accommodation, based within the community. 

All projects will offer regular support sessions which will include a bespoke action plan aimed at supporting you to move on as soon as you are ready. 

Will I be allowed Visitors?

Yes, at most projects you will be allowed visitors, however, they will be unable to stay overnight. You will be able to discuss this in more detail with the individual project during the interview process.

Will I be allowed to take my pet?

Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate pets within our Supported Projects.