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Making an application - Full Plans or Building Notice

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There are different methods of applying for Building Regulation permission.  We recommend that you submit a Full Plans application unless your building work is of a minor nature in which case you can submit a Building Notice.  If you have already carried out work and then realised that you need approval a Regularisation Application can be submitted.

Full Plans application

When using the Full Plans procedure you seek to obtain approval for detailed plans of the building work you wish to undertake.  The Full Plans Application Form and Guidance Notes below provide further information on this type of application including what to submit with your application.

You have a choice on the full plans form to give Building Control five weeks or two months in which to make a decision. We can generally provide a decision within 15 working days, providing that no amendments need to be made to your plans. If amendments are required, the decision time will depend on how long you take to return the amendments required.

We will inspect your plans and give advice on any amendments that are necessary in order to comply with Building Regulations. 

Once we have made a decision we will issue an Approval Notice.  This will tell you whether or not work can go ahead.  The notice may include certain conditions or ask you to supply further information. This is valid for three years from the date of deposit of the plans.

Following approval, site  inspections will be required at certain stages of work. Once work is completed a final inspection is needed before a Completion Certificate can be issued. 

Building Notice application

The Building Notice procedure enables work to be carried out without the need to provide detailed plans. However, we strongly recommend that the Building Notice procedure is only used for minor works. The cost of the Full Plans procedure is the same as the Building Notice and Full Plans will give you greater assurance that your proposals will meet the Building Regulations. In addition, preparing fully detailed plans will ensure the builder will be able to price the work accurately and there will be no costly additions to the original price / scheme.

The Building Notice Application Form and Guidance Notes below provide further information on this type of application including what to submit with your application.

The required information and the correct fee must be submitted to Building Control at least 2 working days before you start work. Provided you have done this you do not need to wait for us to respond to you as no Approval Notice will be issued for this type of application. A Building Notice is valid for three years from the date the notice was given to the local authority, after which it will automatically lapse if the building work has not commenced.

Once you have started work on site inspections will be required at certain stages. Once work is completed a final inspection is needed before a Completion Certificate can be issued.

Building notices are not acceptable for all types of building work, e.g. if you are proposing to build over or close to a public sewer a Full Plans application is required. 

This guide will take you through the Building Control process. It is not a substitute for professional advice but it aims to show how your project will be affected by the Building Regulations.

How to apply

Apply online using the Submit a Plan website (the National Portal for Building Control applications). Register, complete the form online, attach your documents then track your applications progress. Full guidance is provided. You cannot currently pay the fee online.

Post or deliver your application form, required documents and fee to the address on the application form.  

Building Regulation - Application form 

What does it cost?

List of Building Regulation Fees and Guidance Notes 

The overall cost of the service is the same whether a Full Plans or Building Notice Application is submitted. If you are unsure of the charges payable or require a competitive quote for larger projects please contact us.

  • Full Plans: The plan fee must be paid on the deposit of the plans with the Council. The inspection fee will be invoiced after the first inspection has been undertaken.
  • Building Notices: The Building Notice fee must be paid when the Notice is submitted to the Council.

Fees can be paid by any of the following methods:

  • Cash - only if visiting Ty Dewi Sant, St David's Park, Ewloe.  Please do not send cash through the post.
  • Cheque - made payable to ‘Flintshire County Council’
  • Credit Card - we accept MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro & Solo. You can pay at Ty Dewi Sant, St David's Park, Ewloe, CH5 3FF or call 01352 703448 to pay by phone.

Further information

Contact us for an informal discussion about your proposals if you are unsure or if any problems arise.