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Frequently asked questions - building control

How do I report a dangerous structure?

Flintshire Building Control deal with dangerous structures which can be reported by telephoning 01352 703417 / 01352 703637 or e-mailing

Tel:  (01352) 703418 within office hours, 0300 123 3086 outside office hours.

Are there any penalties for contravening the Building regulations?

If you contravene the regulations by building without notifying the Local Building Control Authority or by carrying out work which does not comply, you can be prosecuted. If you are convicted, you are liable to a penalty not exceeding £5,000 plus £50 for each day on which each individual contravention is not put right after you have been convicted. If you do not put the work right when asked to do so, the Authority has power to do it themselves and recover costs from you.

Do my neighbours have the right to object to what is proposed in my Building Regulations Application?

No, however, whilst there is no requirement in the Building Regulations to consult neighbours, it would be prudent to do so. Objections may be raised under other legislation, particularly if your proposal requires planning permission.

The Party Wall Act 1996 may also require that you notify your neighbour regarding the work to be carried out.

What is the Party Wall Act?

This Act of Parliament concerns anyone planning to carry out, or who is affected by, a neighbour's plans to carry out building work by providing a framework for preventing or resolving disputes about party walls, boundary walls and excavations.

If you are about to carry out building work which involves:

  • Work on an existing wall shared with another property
  • Building on the boundary with a neighbouring property
  • Excavating near a neighbouring building
  • Moving or altering, either temporarily or permanently, a fence

You must find out whether that work falls within the scope of the Party Wall Act 1996; if it does you are required to inform the adjoining owner of your intentions.

Can I view plans of works carried out on my property?

We have historical records going back at least 15 years. If you are the original owner or subsequent owner of the property, you are entitled to view any plans for works carried out. If you want copies of these plans, you will have to get the written permission of the person who prepared the plans (e.g. the agent, architect, surveyor or draughtsman). There will be a charge for copying.