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Building Control

The Building Control Service is responsible for ensuring that building work is carried out in accordance with the Building Regulations.

Building Regulations are approved by Parliament and set out certain standards that must be met during the design and construction of building work carried out in domestic and commercial premises. These standards ensure the health and safety of people around and within buildings and also provide for such factors as access to buildings for disabled people, means of escape in case of fire and energy conservation.

Any work carried out to a property that affects the structural integrity or means of escape in case of fire will need consent under the Building Regulations. Work such as extensions, loft conversions, internal work to load-bearing structures, the erection of certain detached buildings, alterations to drainage, replacement roofs and change of use and conversions require consent.

What are the approved documents?

The regulations have 13 parts.  Each part is supported by its "Approved Document" which contains practical and technical guidance on ways in which the requirements can be met. They cover subjects such as structure, fire safety, ventilation, drainage, energy conservation and access and facilities for disabled people. The latest versions of the Approved Documents can be downloaded online for free in Adobe PDF format from the Planning Portal website.  Or you can purchase them from The Stationery Office by calling 0870 600 55 22.

Are the Building Regulations the same as Planning Regulations?

No. Town and Country Planning legislation is completely separate from the Building Regulations. Planning permission may be required for the work you intend to carry out and should be obtained prior to the submission of a Building Regulations application.