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Reablement is a programme of short-term assessment and support, designed to help you regain or maintain your independence. Reablement builds on what you can do and supports you to regain your skills, confidence and independence to remain in your own home.  Reablement is a free service for a short period.

This can be just one week or up to a maximum of twp weeks, depending on your needs. Reablement aims to maximise your long term independence, choice and quality of life.

How does Reablement work?

Reablement is about helping you to do things for yourself, rather than doing things to or for you. The overall goal is to help you get back to coping at home again.

The type of support provided is tailored to our assessment of your individual needs.  For example:

  • Help with personal care
  • Practical support with preparing meals
  • Prompting with medication or medication management
  • Providing equipment or assistive technology with help to understand how to use it
  • Teaching you exercises to help you regain mobility, strength and confidence - with support and encouragement to practice the exercise
  • Finding practical solutions to problems that may be reducing your independence.

Who is Reablement for?

Reablement can help many different people including older people, people with physical disabilities or sensory impairment and people with mental health difficulties or learning disabilities.

You will need to be living in Flintshire, over 18 years old and living in your own home - or would be able to live in the community with some support.

Adults seeking a social care service may have a Reablement Service before any long term care service being planned. An assessment will be carried out to establish the best approach for you.

What happens if I need ongoing care?

The Reablement Service provides short term support only.  When your maximum level of independence is achieved the Reablement programme will end. If you have ongoing care needs these will be discussed with you and, if appropriate, a care package will be agreed.

For any long term care arrangement a Financial Assessment may need to be undertaken and you may be charged.

How to apply for Reablement

Contact our Single Point of Access on 03000 858858 and tell them what you are having difficulty with and we will make an assessment of your needs.  You can do this yourself or ask someone else to do it on your behalf.

Some other factsheets that may be useful: 

For more information including copies of the leaflets mentioned, please contact:

Single Point of Access
Hendy Road
Tel: 03000 858858

Out of hours emergency number is: 0345 053 3116