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Social Housing Register - Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I be on the Waiting List?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to give an indication as to when this will be as this depends not only on your position on the list, but the availability of suitable properties.

Applicants who are flexible with their area choices and increase the number of places they would consider living, often have a better chance of being rehoused, but even then the waiting times may be significant.


What other options are availible for me to consider?

As always, we encourage applicants to explore all options available to them. If you are already a social housing tenant, you can register for a Mutual Exchange though Homeswapper. Applicants may also be eligible for Affordable Housing Schemes which are managed though Tai Teg. More information can be found on their website Any immediate to let properties are also advertised on our partner landlord’s social media. 

Another housing option to explore is Private Rentals.  Although many applicants focus on social housing as a housing solution due to the additional security of tenure and affordability it offers, it is important that we give everyone advice about all of their housing options.  Some applicants choose to explore renting privately as a way of getting around significant waiting times for social housing. 

Applicants can use resources such as Rightmove and Zoopla along with registering at local lettings agents as a way to explore the local rental market.

What changes do I need to let you know about?

You need to you keep us informed about any changes to your contact details, household details (people that you live with), financial situation, addresses or areas that you wish to be considered for.   

Can I be considered for additional bedrooms?

We may be able to consider you for a larger property than your identified housing need, pending the receipt of an affordability check. If you would like to be considered for a larger property, please request an income and expenditure form. We will not consider applicants who have rent arrears or are only in receipt of universal credit for a larger property, as this would not be deemed affordable.

Please be aware, if your application is amended to include larger properties, a property with the number of bedrooms to meet your housing need would still be classed as a reasonable offer. You would only be considered for a larger property once the list of applicants with a housing need for a larger property has been exhausted. 

In cases where shared custody / access has been agreed for children, if a parent is not in receipt of Child Benefit, the child/children will not be included as part of the application

Can I apply for extra care schemes?

The application process for Extra Care Schemes is separate to the register for social housing.

For more information about the schemes available, please visit Extra Care Housing

How will I know when I've been offered a property?

When we are in a position to make an offer of accommodation to you, one of our housing partners will contact you directly. They will try to contact you by phone / e-mail initially. If they are unable to contact you in this way, they will send an offer letter.

It is important that you inform the register team of any changes in your contact details. Once an offer is made to you, you will only have three working days to consider your offer. and provide a response.

When I am offered a property, will it be furnished / have carpets?

As a standard, properties offered are empty and have no coverings. You will need to provide these yourself. However, depending on your circumstances, you may be able to apply for assistance. For more information, please visit the governments Discretionary Assistance Fund webpage.

Will the property I am offered have a driveway / garden?

Not all properties will have a driveway or a garden. In some cases, some properties may also offer a shared garden.

I have been offered a property, how long will it be until I can view it? 

When you are offered a property you will need to provisionally accept the property without seeing it inside. You are able to have a look at the property from the roadside, however as there will be maintenance work being carried out, it will not be possible for you to see inside.

Once the work is complete, you will be invited for a viewing and will be able to fully accept and sign for the property. Unfortunately, it is not possible to say how long the works will take as this will differ for each property. The Housing Officer will contact you when it is ready. 

I want to get on the property ladder

The Council supports a low cost home ownership scheme, which enables people currently priced out of the housing market to own a home of their own. The scheme is administered on behalf of the Council by Grwp Cynefin.

It is based on the principle of equity share and helps first time buyers into home ownership.  For more information about the schemes available, please visit Affordable Housing.