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Funerals, Cremations & Bereavement

Information, support and advice relating to Bereavement Services, burials, cemeteries, funerals, memorials etc

Bereavement advice and support

Our friendly, dedicated team are committed to easing the burden upon bereaved families

Cemeteries in Flintshire

Location, opening hours and facilities

Civil Funerals

What kind of funeral do you really want? A guide to the options and decisions

Exhuming a deceased body

Exhumation and disinterment procedures

Garden of Remembrance

Within the Cemetery at Kelsterton, Connah's Quay. How to arrange a memorial plaque.

Grave options

Advice on purchasing a grave in Flintshire. There are different types of graves available within our cemeteries

Green funerals & woodland burials

Environmentally friendly options to consider when arranging a funeral.


What to consider when choosing a memorial

Public health burials

Assistance is available for the burial/cremation of deceased persons when no other suitable arrangements can be made.