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Exhuming a deceased body

Exhumation or disinterment can be a complicated and expensive process, and very strict procedures must be followed, both in preparation and when carrying out the exhumation / disinterment itself.

The exact process depends upon the grave that the deceased is to be disinterred from and the grave into which the body will be re-interred; the land that the grave occupies will be either consecrated according to the rites of the Church in Wales, or dedicated for burial.

If both graves are on consecrated land, then a faculty from the Church in Wales will be required, giving permission for the exhumation to take place.  If both graves are on dedicated land, then an application must be made to theMinistry of Justice for a licence for the removal of human remains.

Where an exhumation is carried out from consecrated land for re-interment in dedicated land, or vice versa, then both a Faculty and a Home Office Licence are needed.

For further information, please contact the Bereavement Services office