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Civil Funerals

When someone dies, family and close friends are often faced with many choices and decisions regarding the funeral arrangements, including the ceremony itself.  It is often thought that the funeral ceremony is a simple choice between either a 'traditional' religious ceremony or alternatively, a ceremony with no religious content.

An increasing number of people are finding that a Civil Funeral Ceremony is a more appropriate choice, because its flexibility allows some religious content, such as a hymn or prayer to be included in the Ceremony.  In short, a Civil Funeral Ceremony is driven by the needs and wishes of each individual family, creating the most appropriate and meaningful Ceremony for this final act of love and respect. 

What is a Civil Funeral Ceremony?

A Civil Funeral Ceremony is a dignified, formal ceremony, written and delivered by a professional Civil Funeral Celebrant in consultation with the family.  Above all, it is a ceremony that reflects the wishes of the family and is focused on the life, character and personality of the deceased.

Where can a Civil Funeral be held?

A Civil Funeral Ceremony can be held almost anywhere you wish, except for churches and other religious buildings. The Ceremony is appropriate for either cremation or burial at any non-religious burial ground or woodland burial site.  

Who conducts a Civil Funeral Ceremony?

Every Civil Funeral Celebrant has undertaken an intensive training course and has been assessed in many areas, including their professionalism, tribute writing skills, delivery of Ceremonies and the personal qualities that make them suitable to fulfil such an important role.

How is a Civil Funeral Ceremony created?

Your Civil Funeral Celebrant will create a personalised and completely unique ceremony, based upon your choice of music and readings and any other personal wishes you may have. Central to the Ceremony is a tribute to your loved one, written by the Celebrant using factual information, memories and recollections that you have provided. Family members and friends can also be included in the ceremony if they wish to deliver a reading or poem. The Ceremony is fully scripted by the Celebrant and you will have the opportunity to view this before the funeral takes place to ensure that all the details are correct. A presentation copy of the script will also be sent to you following the funeral.

How do I arrange a Civil Funeral Ceremony?

You should initially contact the Registrars Office and they will be able to advise you accordingly, or your Funeral Director may be able to advise also.  If you wish, a friend, family member or your funeral director may make the call on your behalf.  A Celebrant will contact you as soon as possible to arrange to meet you.  This meeting can be at your home, or if you'd prefer an alternative location. The Celebrant will discuss the Ceremony arrangements with you and look at all of the options you may choose from. You will be asked to provide as much information about the deceased as possible, so that the Celebrant can write a personal tribute that captures the essence of your loved one.